23 July 2014

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Our week in pictures: 10 - 16 February, 2014


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

Week in pics 17 Feb - The_ceiling_of_One_Great_Geroge_Street's_Great_Hall_is_pretty_darn_special..jpg

The ceiling of One Great George Street's Great Hall is pretty darn special.

Week in pics 17 Feb - Square_Meal_went_along_to_Drake_Morgan's_latest_bar_launch_at_The_Fable._This_cocktail_went_down_a_treat..jpg

We went along to Drake & Morgan's latest bar launch at The Fable. This cocktail went down a treat.

Week in pics 17 Feb - Mississippi_speciality_muffaletta_at_The_Lockhart._Bring._It._On..jpg

Millie took this beast on at The Lockhart near Marble Arch. It's a muffaletta – a Mississippi speciality – in case you're wondering.

Week in pics 17 Feb - Damien_is_all_kitted-out_and_ready_to_race_at_Buckmore_Park.jpg

Damo's all kitted-out and ready to race at Buckmore Park.

Week in pics 17 Feb - We_popped_along_to_Shoryu_Soho_to_check_out_its_new_PDR._These_'Dracula'_ramen_were_divine..jpg

We popped along to Shoryu Soho to check out its new PDR. These 'Dracula' ramen were divine. Check out some of our favourite Soho venues here.

Week in pics 17 Feb - A_sneaky_backstage_shot_of_our_model_preparing_for_this_year's_Square_Meal_Weddings_shoot_at_Hever_Castle._She_did_our_medieval_theme_proud..jpg

A sneaky backstage shot of our model preparing for this year's Square Meal Weddings shoot at Hever Castle. She did our medieval theme proud.

Week in pics 17 Feb - Better_get_the_wet_tyres_on_then._Buckmore_Park_you're_having_it..jpg

Better get the wet tyres on then. Buckmore Park, you're having it.

Week in pics 17 Feb - IET_Venues_sent_us_enough_cakes_for_breakfast_lunch_and_dinner._Yum..jpg

IET Venues sent us enough cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yum.

Week in pics 17 Feb - We_spy_new_Tom_Kerridge-flavoured_plans_afoot_at_this_year's_Royal_Ascot_preview_on_the_weekend..jpg

We spied new Tom Kerridge-flavoured plans afoot for this year's Royal Ascot preview.

Week in pics 17 Feb - The_wall_of_fame_at_the_Institution_of_Civil_Engineers_better_known_as_One_Great_George_Street..jpg

Millie was impressed by the wall of fame at the Institution of Civil Engineers, better known as One Great George Street.

Week in pics 17 Feb - Mons_cheese_and_Cuvee_des_Moines_Blac_de_Blacs_at_the_Besserate_de_Bellefon_dinner_at_The_Gherkin..jpg

We finish Besserat de Bellefon's Champagne dinner at the top of The Gherkin with an excellent Mons cheese plate and a glass of its Blanc des Blancs. .

Week in pics 17 Feb - Is_Damo_taking_our_Square_Meal_Weddings_shoot_at_Hever_Castle_a_touch_too_literally._Down_boy..jpg

Is Damo taking our Square Meal Weddings shoot at Hever Castle a touch too literally? Down boy.

Week in pics 17 Feb - We_thought_that_The_Troxy_made_an_excellent_Ink_Paint_Club_for_Future_Cinema's_Roger_Rabbit_event.jpg

Look at the Troxy all dressed to the nines for Saturday's Who Framed Roger Rabbit-themed Future Cinema event.

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