26 July 2014

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What is the most important factor when booking a venue for a Christmas party?


Our week in pictures: 29 July - 4 August, 2013


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and a dabble with the debauched. Here's some snaps of what we got up to this week.

Week in pictures: 050813 - At_Cirque_Le_Soir_researching_a_feature_for_our_Christmas_party_magazine.jpg

At Cirque Le Soir researching a feature for our Christmas party magazine.

Week in pictures: 050813 - When_Cleopatra_met_Amy_Winehouse__Shooting_party_masks_for_our_Christmas_magazine_with_Say_Fromage.jpg

When Cleopatra met Amy Winehouse... Shooting party masks for our Christmas magazine with Say Fromage.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Rhubarb_cocktails_and_a_seriously_inspirational_panel_discussion_as_Arianna_Huffington_introduced_her_thirdmetric_to_a_high-powered_audience_at_195_Piccadilly.jpg

Rhubarb cocktails and a seriously inspirational panel discussion as Arianna Huffington introduced her #thirdmetric to a high-powered audience at 195 Piccadilly.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Tasting_mince_pies_for_our_Christmas_magazine._WHAM's_Last_Christmas_on_full_blast_of_course.jpg

Tasting mince pies for our Christmas magazine. WHAM's Last Christmas on full blast, of course.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Lobster_benedict_at_Hawksmoor_Guildhall._Possibly_the_most_indulgent_breakfast_ever._There's_a_nice_PDR_at_this_branch_too.jpg

Lobster benedict at Hawksmoor Guildhall. Possibly the most indulgent breakfast ever. There's a nice PDR at this branch too.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Born_to_be_wild.jpg

Our preferred mode of transport. Probably a good thing we didn't leave on it, Mash Steakhouse has some serious bourbon!

Week in pictures: 050813 - All_dolled_up_at_Cirque_Le_Soir.jpg

We like to throw on a bit of slap for a night out. This lovely lady's make-up stand at Cirque Le Soir provided the perfect opportunity for Damien to get all dolled up.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Any_excuse_for_a_drink.jpg

It would have been rude not to go in after seeing this sign - The Pilgrim on Kennington Lane has been there for us through many a hangover.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Standon.jpg

Russ performing with his band Revere at Standon Calling Festival.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Life_drawing_at_Standon_Calling.jpg

V&E is rife with creativity. Millie put hers to use during this life drawing session at Standon Calling Festival.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Aw_shucks!_Eating_oysters_with_HRH_Prince_Charles_at_the_Whitstable_Oyster_Festival_in_Kent.jpg

Aw_shucks! Eating oysters with HRH Prince Charles at the Whitstable Oyster Festival in Kent.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Dinner_and_dancing_at_the_Medieval_Banquet_St_Katherine_Docks.jpg

Dinner and dancing at the Medieval Banquet, St Katherine Docks.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Swedish_crayfish_party_meets_Louisianna-style_crawfish_boil_at_Annica's_house.jpg

Swedish crayfish party meets Louisianna-style crawfish boil at Annica's house.

Week in pictures: 050813 - Whitstable_Oyster_Festival_fireworks_finale.jpg

Whistable Oyster Festival fireworks finale.

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