22 August 2014

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Jason Atherton - Maze


Chef: Jason Atherton

Restaurant: Maze

Tel: 020 7107 1000

Jason Atherton - Maze Jason_Atherton_b_w_opt.jpgMuch-cited as the first British chef to complete a working stint at Ferran Adrià’s elBulli restaurant in Spain, Jason Atherton is currently one of the hottest chefs in town since he garnered critical acclaim after launching Maze in May 2005 under the Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH) umbrella. Among the many accolades that came in the restaurant’s first 12 months was a Michelin star and the title of BMW Square Meal Restaurant of the Year. Atherton’s early days were spent working under such restaurant luminaries as Pierre Koffmann and Nico Ladenis before he spent three years in Dubai heading up Verre for GRH. He followed this with a period of globetrotting, ensuring he was ready to unleash Maze’s tapas-style cuisine on to the London restaurant scene. With one of the most comprehensive libraries of cookery books and with his finger very much on the pulse of cutting-edge international cuisine, Atherton is continually pushing his cooking forward. He opened Maze Prague in late 2007.