21 August 2014

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Grill the Chef: John Burton-Race


john-burton-race.jpgKnown in equal measure for Michelin-starred restaurants and reality TV appearances, John Burton-Race is set to open his first London restaurant for 12 years this evening.

The New Angel will open its doors in Notting Hill on soft-launch ahead of its official opening on 7 May. Square Meal caught up with the chef to find out what to expect.

You haven’t had a restaurant in London for twelve years. Why now?
Because I needed a showroom for my new ideas and there is no better place than London.

And why Notting Hill?
Because I love West London.

Your previous venture in Devon was also called The New Angel. Is this a recreation of the original?
The first restaurant was five years ago and my food has progressed a lot since then, though it remains very much in the same vein.

A lot has changed since you were last in London. What do you think the biggest shifts are, and have you altered your style accordingly?
Presentation of dishes has changed dramatically and likewise my approach has changed in equal measures. However, good food is still good food.

Can you give us some examples of what’s on the menu?
Dishes are simple and seasonal, from confit of Scottish salmon with Wye valley rhubarb or steak tartar for starters to pan-fried fillets of John Dory, crab-stuffed courgette flowers, or roast squab pigeon for mains. There’s an iced mango parfait with coconut, salted caramel popcorn and mango jelly on the desert menu.

Your previous three restaurants all held Michelin stars – are you hoping for the same at The New Angel?
Absolutely. I think Michelin is still the best guide to be in when it comes to searching for a quality restaurant.

What are your plans beyond this opening? Would you like to open more restaurants in London? Will TV appearances still be a large part of your career?
I have lots of future plans, however I learnt a long time ago that you have to learn to walk before you can start running. If the right TV programme is offered to me I will definitely consider it as I love doing TV.

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Published 22 April 2014.

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