22 July 2014

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Event review: Cirque Le Soir's fifth birthday


The unconstrained club near Oxford Circus celebrated its fifth birthday with a makeover.

Cirque Le Soir - 1403_Cirque_le_Soir_4_resized.jpg

We were expecting debauchery galore. That’s always a given at this club. But we hadn’t banked on this being the best night out this year so far. Well, it was.

Cirque Le Soir event - 1403_Cirque_le_Soir_2-resized.jpg

Cirque le Soir usually rocks a look that’s halfway between a funfair and a big top: think red velvet curtains, gold frames and circus stripes. But not tonight. For two weeks of fifth birthday celebrations, it’s been transformed into a frat house.

Cirque Le Soir - 1403_Cirque_le_Soir_3_resized.jpg

Striped walls have been replaced with chintzy wallpaper and family photos; a kitchen and lounge have been installed; instead of clowns, there are cheerleaders and half-naked jocks. We drink punch in red plastic cups, girls in their underwear bounce on a bed next to the dance floor, while Monty Le Boom serves cakes from the oven, wearing only an apron.

Cirque Le Soir event - 1403_Cirque_le_Soir_7.jpg

In between exploring the different rooms and having a play in the bunk-bed ball pit, we’re treated to performances from sword-swallowing strippers and American footballers in drag. We have so much fun, we can’t remember leaving. An impressive feat.

Cirque Le Soir event - 1403_Cirque_le_Soir_1.jpg

Best bit: Seeing the amount of effort that had gone into transforming the venue. That, and an impromptu pillow fight breaking out among the team. Millie, being the smallest, definitely came off worst. Sorry, Mills.

This article was first published in Square Menu Venues & Events, spring 2014.

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