23 August 2014

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Discover the Origin reinforces consumers’ faith in where their food and drink comes from with five products you can trustdiscovertheorigin1.jpg

Today, people are more concerned than ever about the provenance of their food and drink, so it’s reassuring to learn that there’s a group of products whose origin and quality you can trust. Discover the Origin is a campaign designed to raise awareness about five tried-and-tested products that all bear Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status; this ensures they are produced in a particular region using traditional methods to ensure consistent quality.

Discover the Origin promotes five PDO products: Bourgogne Wines, Douro Wines, Parma Ham, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese and Port. Always look for products bearing the prestigious PDO logo; when you see it, you can be sure you are buying something with guaranteed provenance, quality and integrity.

If you’re planning your next dinner party or meal out, try the following fantastic combinations.

Starter – beef carpaccio paired with white or red Bourgogne wine

When beef is served raw, match it with a white or red Bourgogne wine – the richness of the white Bourgogne stands up to the meat, while a red Bourgogne is soft enough to allow the beef flavour to come through.

Main – rack of lamb with a herb and Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese crust paired with Douro red wine

The Douro region in Portugal is the home of heart-warming reds that combine fruitiness with savoury character. Their structure make them ideal with robust lamb or beef dishes.

Dessert – chocolate roulade with Port or cheese with Tawny Port

Chocolate is difficult to match with wine, but Port is ideal, and makes a classic pairing. Try Tawny Port with desserts made with dark, bitter chocolate; it is also superb with cheese.

Recipes for all these dishes and pairing recommendations are available at discovertheorigin.co.uk/recipes 

PDO_Logo-01.jpgProtected Designation of Origin (PDO) status is awarded to foods from specific geographic areas, which adhere to rigorous standards. PDO is an indication of quality and origin of traditional products created by the European Union, to help consumers by informing
them about specific features of the products, and to protect their geographical appellations against imitations and usurpations. 

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