24 July 2014

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Cracking Christmas gifts from Carpo


Give a bespoke Carpo gift this Christmas and your loved ones couldn’t receive a tastier box of delights

Tired of being stuck for ideas for a good Christmas present and having to resort to wrapping up novelty socks, a book of ‘wacky-but-interesting’ facts, or a pack of smellies again? Then your search may be well and truly over. For this year you could give the extra-special gift that is a bespoke Carpo Christmas sack.

Carpo is a specialist food emporium that, having established its reputation in Greece for selling high-quality international nuts, dried fruit and coffee, opened the doors of its first shop in the UK on Piccadilly earlier this year.

Carpo 2013 - Carpo_IMG_3611v.jpg

Step inside its sublime store and it’s not just your eyes that feast on the many divine goods before you, for there are also the delicious smells of freshly ground coffee and rich chocolate in the air… and that’s before you’ve even actually tried anything. This is a shop that’s colourfully and spectacularly packed to the rafters with the finest snacks from around the world – from beautifully colourful glazed fruits and exotic seeds in jars to huge slabs of chocolate and an impossible array of nuts. It’s like a cross between a vintage sweetshop and a classic market bazaar – but one with regularly fired-up nut-roasting ovens right in the store, thus providing customers with wave after wave of fresh aromatic nut hits. Carpo does its best to ensure that all its products are as fresh as they can be.

If you want to take the weight off your feet after a busy day of festive shopping, why not pause at the in-store coffee shop? Its baristas can offer you some of the finest beverages in the capital, including their signature drink of iced cappuccino – espresso topped with whipped icy foam. Or you could indulge in one of the many fresh pastries.

Perfect present

It’s easy to see why, with such fine foods available, a gift from Carpo would make an ideal Christmas present. Its bespoke present service offers custom-created sacks of foodie delights – just hand-pick exactly what you want to give to your loved ones and it’ll be gorgeously packed and shipped anywhere in the UK.

‘Our products are picked fresh from the oven or shop floor, our packaging is bold and rustic, and our full range is available as a gift,’ says Kostas Kontopoulos, founder and owner of Carpo. ‘The only thing missing is the aroma of the fresh roasting nuts, which we unfortunately can’t yet gift wrap!’

Carpo Christmas - IMG_5987_web.jpg

All you have to do now is decide which of Carpo’s delightful foods to include in your Christmas sack. Will it be the heavenly chocolates, the golden Greek honey, a generous bag of freshly ground coffee, or some colourful zesty fruits? And if you quote ‘Square Meal Christmas’ when you order your gift, you’ll receive 15 per cent off the total.

For more about Carpo, see carpolondon.co.uk/en or follow the store at facebook.com/Carpolondon or on Twitter @CarpoLondon.

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