20 August 2014

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Canvas launches with build-your-own tasting menu


Michael_Riemenschneider.jpgSwiss chef Michael Riemenschneider has launched his latest restaurant: Canvas on Marylebone Lane. It is the first London outing for the chef, who was previously at The Abbey in Penzance.

The whole concept is based around tasting menus, with no a la carte option, but what makes it unique is that unlike other tasting-menu-centric restaurants (Hedone, Kitchen Table, HKK), Canvas gives diners the opportunity to build their own menu.

Diners can choose from a minimum of three courses up to nine courses at lunch, or up to 15 courses at dinner, choosing as many starters, mains and desserts as they like from a selection of 16 dishes. Of these, five will be year-round signature plates and the remaining 11 will be seasonally changing specials. Maintaining some control over proceedings, once the dishes are selected the chef will decide on the most appropriate order for them to arrive in.

Dishes take influence from Riemenschneider’s Swiss heritage, as well as his work with top chefs of both classic and modern background, including Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal. Currently on the menu are dishes of lobster, white chocolate and broccoli; coley, razor clams, grapes and saffron; pigeon, chocolate and beetroot; and an interpretation of the classic apple strudel with rum and raisin.

Speaking of why he feels tasting menus are the way to go, Riemenschneider said: ‘Diners are increasingly after different experiences, and a tasting menu provides just that, quite simply it's a taste sensation.’ Handing the option of choice over to diners, he described the restaurant as ‘a collaboration between him and his guests’.

Three, four and five course menus start at £50 (£35 at lunch), rising to £125 for the full 15 courses. Wine pairings are also available at extra cost, made up of either classic wines or more special (and more expensive) ‘iconic’ wines. 

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