25 July 2014

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BMW Square Meal Best New Restaurant


chiltern-winner.jpgCongratulations to chef Nuno Mendes, hotelier André Balazs and all the team at Chiltern Firehouse for becoming this season’s BMW Square Meal Best New Restaurant.

This isn’t a case of us being blinded by the stardust of celebrity sightings: here is a restaurant that’s been an unqualified hit with customers and critics alike. ‘Chiltern Firehouse seems to be a successful venture,’ a beaming Mendes agreed with typical understatement. ‘We’re very happy to have won. It’s good for the whole team to reap the awards, we’ve all worked a lot of hours.’ But Chiltern Firehouse’s win was by no means a foregone conclusion and the past six months have seen a raft of compelling new openings. Angela Hartnett’s Café Murano, Gordon Ramsay’s London House and Ollie Dabbous’s Barnyard each shows the biggest names on the restaurant scene fizzing with new ideas, while Polpetto is a welcome return to Soho for chef Florence Knight, the brightest star of Russell Norrman’s Polpo group. But the combination of a London-based Portuguese chef with a Hungarian-born, New York-based hotelier won by doing what London does best: a glamorous take on influences from all around the world.  

Pictured right, Nuno Mendes with Square Meal editor Ben McCormack at Chiltern Firehouse.

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Published on 11 April 2014.

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