22 July 2014

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Antonin Bonnet - The Greenhouse


Chef: Antonin Bonnet

Restaurant: The Greenhouse

Tel 020 7499 3331

2007Bonnet1 - The Greenhouse chef Antonin Bonnet 2007Bonnet.gifContinuing his work with restaurateur Marlon Abela, Antonin Bonnet moved from private club Morton’s to sister restaurant The Greenhouse in early 2006. It was only weeks before that Michelin had revealed it was considering awarding the restaurant two stars (under chef Bjorn van der Horst). Luckily Bonnet has maintained standards as well as taking the food in a new, exciting direction, but we have yet to see if the site will attract the promised two stars. After honing his skills in various restaurants in France, with a year spent in the French army as a private chef, he worked for three years under the renowned three-Michelin-starred chef Michel Bras in Laguiole, before moving to London’s Oak Room to work for Marco Pierre White. In 2000 he became a private chef for Abela before being appointed as executive chef of Morton’s.