24 July 2014

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Anthony Demetre - Arbutus and Wild Honey


Chef: Anthony Demetre

Restaurant: Arbutus and Wild Honey

Tel: 020 7734 4545, 020 7758 9160

Anthony Demetre - Arbutus and Wild Honey With the opening of Wild Honey in 2007, all eyes were on Anthony Demetre and business partner Will Smith to see if they could mimic their success at award-winning Arbutus. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’, with Wild Honey taking the BMW Square Meal Award for Best New Restaurant Autumn 2007 – a year after Arbutus took the 2006 title. Both places are fabulous value for money thanks to Demetre’s clever use of inexpensive ingredients, a skill developed during time with leading lights Bruno Loubet, Gary Rhodes and master craftsman Pierre Koffmann – renowned for using ingredients to their full with little waste. Meanwhile, white tablecloths and formal service have been ditched in favour of a relaxed atmosphere in smart, yet unpretentious, surroundings.