Aug 7

Hold The Front Page

Mission improbable - pearlcatchers 2011
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Squaremeal Review of Hold The Front Page ?

Ever dreamed of being Lois Lane or Clark Kent? Here’s your chance. ‘Hold The Front Page’ (run by Pearlcatchers) enables you to take on a new identity as a journalist reporting for a top newspaper. Together with your team, your task is to produce the most accurate & interesting news story within your allocated budget. But it’s not going to be easy. After being provided with information packs, you & your team members will be ‘shipped off’ to work as correspondents. During the assignment, reporters get involved in interviewing experts, translating newsflashes, bargaining for secret tape messages, examining ‘physical’ evidence & ensuring that London is kept updated at all times. Finished articles can be combined into a special edition newspaper. This game is a useful tool for helping to break down departmental barriers & will test the team’s problem-solving & communication skills.


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