28 July 2014

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  1. Published : Monday, 15th July 2013

    Les Trois Garcons | les trois garcons

    Les Trois Garcons is a bit of an institution in East London, having been around for over a decade when most of the area's establishments are generally much younger. Whilst the exterior of the restaurant looks like your run-of-the-mill, slightly run down pub (and very much over shadowed by its glitzy looking neighbour), the interior of the restaurant does feel like you've stepped into another world: one that is fantastical and really rather bizarre. Indeed, the interior of Les Trois Garcons is perhaps one of its most talked about features, with an eclectic assortment of statues and stuffed animals dotted around the place...

  2. Published : Tuesday, 2nd July 2013

    Hawksmoor Air Street | hawksmoor air street

    So a few weeks ago, I chose to head to Hawksmoor on Air Street, which is a relatively new branch of this highly touted group of steak houses. This particular branch has a more seafood centric menu, for the benefit of my non-meat eating friend (how we are still friends I do not know), as well as a good selection of the steaks that Hawksmoor is most famous for. The interior of the restaurant is classy and retro, as well as deceptively enormous, although this quickly filled up throughout the course of our meal...

  3. Published : Monday, 24th June 2013

    Yum Bun | yum bun

    Round about the time when I first opened my eyes and ears to the street food scene in London a couple of months into my time here, one of the main talks of the town was the opening of Yum Bun in an indoor location. For quite a while I've been meaning to try them out, especially since they're really quite close to me, and finally I did! Their charming little shop front is annexed to Rotary just round the corner from Old Street station (and another place I'm dying to visit!) so although there is very minimal space to eat your very yummy yum buns in the store, you are welcome to take your buns next door if you get a drink there...

  4. Published : Wednesday, 12th June 2013

    Bocca di Lupo | bocca di lupo

    A couple of weeks ago, I rediscovered some of those Italian flavours and textures right in the heart of Soho, at the amazing Bocca di Lupo. You can see how much heart and expertise is behind Bocca di Lupo simply by looking at the menu, which lists the exact region of Italy that the dish originates from. Bocca di Lupo also scores great points for hospitality, from the friendly and helpful staff who was willing to explain anything on the menu we hadn't heard of, to the impressive bread basket served as soon as you are seated...

  5. Published : Friday, 31st May 2013

    The Quality Chop House | quality chop house

    The Quality Chop House has been getting a lot of attention ever since it's recent reopening, a reincarnation of what has existed on the same location under the same name for 140 years. The decor channels the Victorian roots of the address...

  6. Published : Monday, 27th May 2013

    A. Wong | a wong

    I mentioned before that I've had a few meals of dim sum lately that I've wanted to blog about, and here is the second of those visits! This time, I had lunch at A Wong, which is the new reopening of an ageing, more 'traditional Chinatown style' Chinese restaurant. The place is generating quite a lot of talk, thanks to some creative reinventing of traditional dim sum, which I always look forward to trying! So I was very excited when I finally managed to make a booking...

  7. Published : Friday, 24th May 2013

    Spuntino | spuntino

    I've mentioned before that Spuntino and Duck and Waffle rank equally as my favourite places in London, but they couldn't be more different in style. Whereas Duck and Waffle is welcomingly bright and airy, Spuntino rocks a grungier, more alternative vibe with its dim lights and inconspicuous entrance. Almost everyone I've come with has mentioned that they've walked past so many times without even noticing its presence, let alone suspected there to be such a great place there!...

  8. Published : Wednesday, 15th May 2013

    Bodo's Schloss | fondue at bodo

    Bodo's is known for being a great night out, but they're also a restaurant by day early evening! The entire place is decked out like an alpine ski schloss that might be a bit gimmicky but does make for a really novel dining experience. The attention to detail deserves a huge commendation: from the wood planked walls to the checkered tablecloth, not to mention the outfits of the staff! It's like we went on a ski trip without leaving London!...

  9. For my first Heston experience, I chose to visit Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental, which I've heard much praise about. I expected a lot of grandeur in my surroundings, but it was in fact very modern with dark wood furniture and a glass encased kitchen that you could look into as you ate. From here you can see the slow roasted pineapples spinning by an open fire, being repeatedly brushed with honey, to be served with their signature Tipsy Cake!...

  10. Published : Monday, 15th April 2013

    Caravan King's Cross | caravan, king

    Having moved into the vicinity of King's Cross Station for several months, I have very quickly fallen in love with the gem that is Caravan, tucked away at Granary Square. The building that Caravan is set in is an old granary store and the interiors of the restaurant have been kept raw and warehouse-like, which gives it a very cool vibe...

  11. Published : Thursday, 11th April 2013

    Sake No Hana | sake no hana

    The experience begins as you walk through the doors and are greeted by the friendly staff who will lead you up the narrow escalators into the beautiful restaurant space. In a similar vein to other Hakkasan ventures, Sake no Hana is very polished and upmarket, but it is also striving to become more accessible to diners...

  12. Published : Monday, 8th April 2013

    Bill's Restaurant Islington | bill

    Whilst I felt the decor and atmosphere was tinged with inauthenticity, the warm and friendly service was very much real as I was welcomed into a fairly large and completely packed restaurant by the staff who was very attentive throughout our short wait for a table to be ready. We started our meal with Mini Cumberland Sausages glazed with honey, which were very tasty and finished within seconds, even though they came in quite a large portion for the price...

  13. Published : Monday, 25th March 2013

    Duck & Waffle | duck and waffle

    Situated on the 40th floor of the very spiffy Heron Tower, the place wows from the moment you step in and breathe in the stunning unobstructed view of London. There is an open bar area with free seating where you can cool your heels with some of the signature Duck and Waffle cocktails. Try the D&W Gin and Tonic, topped with yuzu flavoured foam and rose petals, for a sweet and refreshing treat...

  14. Published : Thursday, 21st March 2013

    Lucky Chip Slider Bar | slider bar, lucky chip at the player

    Last weekend, I was out looking for a quick meal to have with a friend and since Soho was the middle point between our locations, I suggested we head to The Player for some slider burgers by Lucky Chip. Situated on Broadwick Street, it is very much 'smack bang in the middle of Soho'...

  15. Published : Sunday, 17th March 2013

    B-Soho | b-soho

    B-Soho is a pizzeria and cocktail bar on Poland Street, just off Oxford Circus. The place has two floors, with the ground floor being a cosy bar area with tables and sofas and the basement being a more regular restaurant set up. I recommend sticking to the ground floor, not only because those sofas are seriously comfy to sink into, but also because there is live music on the ground floor most nights of the week...

  16. Published : Wednesday, 6th March 2013

    Bubbledogs | bubbledogs

    So I may be a little late to the party, but I only managed to get myself to Bubbledogs for the first time last week. Bubbledogs sports an exciting champagne/hotdog combo at a small bar on Charlotte Street, near Goodge Street Station. The place has been open for around half a year and, whilst the word-of-mouth buzz amongst my friends has died down a little, I was still very excited at the prospect of some bubbles on a Saturday morning with a good gritty hotdog - what better way to get over Friday night drinks?...

  17. Published : Friday, 1st March 2013

    Bone Daddies | bone daddies

    I, like a lot of Londoners in general, have been going through a bit of a ramen craze lately. One of the most talked about ramen joints on the scene lately has been Bone Daddies on Peter Street in Soho, which I enjoyed so much I went twice in the past week!...

  18. Published : Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Barrafina | barrafina

    A couple of friends and I headed to Barrafina for a quick dinner earlier this week. Situated on Frith Street in the heart of Soho, Barrafina is a small tapas bar that I've heard endless praise about. I have in fact been meaning to try it for quite a while, except every time I visit I've been met with a queue all the way to the door (and beyond!) and have been told that the wait would be at least an hour. As has become the trend here in Soho, Barrafina is strictly 'no reservations'...