21 August 2014

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A subject of considerable gossip.

  1. Published : Monday, 18th February 2013

    Franco Manca Brixton | Franco Manca, Brixton Village

    Well now that you’ve been you’ll know all about Franco Manca, but I’ll re-cap for you anyway. This is somewhere that’s been on my hit-list for ages but there’s never been a right time – something that’s especially inexcusable as they’ve also just opened a branch on my doorstep – the Northcote Road – and now that I’ve finally been I am devastatingly cross with myself for being so goddamn tardy. What on earth was I waiting for? Certainly not a better pizza, as THERE ISN’T ONE....

  2. Published : Sunday, 17th February 2013

    B.O.B's & Co @ The Rising Sun | Disco Bistro EC4

    Disco Disco Disco Disco! Type that into Google and the first thing that comes up (after the Groove State video) is Disco Bistro EC4: Carl Clarke‘s new pop up in the culinary desert that is the dead area between St Paul’s & Blackfriars. Well, this desert has now got a feeding hole, and a heck of a tasty one at that...