20 April 2014

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Blog Reviews from Edesia Is Hungry - Food of the Gods


  1. Published : Saturday, 14th September 2013

    Grain Store | Grain Store

    Grain Store is the all day restaurant from Bruno Loubet, part of the regeneration area behind Kings Cross. I'm more than familiar with the area, being a regular visitor to the now defunct Cross and Bagleys clubs that were there in the Nineties but now the area has changed beyond all recognition, the walk from Kings Cross taking you through a collection of building sites and over the Regents Canal to the finished Granary Square area, home to Grain Store, Caravan, Kerb and St Martins College of Art and Design. The restaurant retains its original warehouse dimensions, a large industrial space with bar and open kitchen, and was already busy when we arrived at midday. The menu is interesting...

  2. Published : Monday, 27th May 2013

    Galvin La Chapelle | Galvin La Chapelle

    Due to it's proximity to my old office and one of our regular haunts, Spitalfields market, Galvin La Chapelle was one of our very first fine dining experiences when we celebrated our engagement a few years ago. We've also been to Cafe a Vin a number of times and have enjoyed some meals and snacks there. This Sunday we decided to return for lunch. Undoubtedly one of the best dining spaces in London, La Chapelle is a converted Victorian school chapel...

  3. Published : Sunday, 16th December 2012

    Hibiscus | Hibiscus, London

    We combined a Christmas shopping day on Saturday with a meal at Hibiscus. Set just off Regent Street, this is the London restaurant of Claude Bosi. There was a menu for lunch, or a choice of a la carte, which unlike anywhere else I've been offers a choice of 3, 6 or 8 courses, a selection of seasonal ingredients and that's about it. We went for 6 courses, one for a vegetarian, and one for me with no restrictions. We left the choices to the chef, and each course was a surprise...

  4. Published : Monday, 20th August 2012

    The Square | The Square, London

    We celebrated our anniversary at The Square in Mayfair, London. The Square is the restaurant of Phil Howard, and well established with an excellent reputation. Large tables in a spacious well appointed room awaited us. We started with rather good bread, brown for my wife and raisin and walnut for me. The amuse bouche was a mozzarella ball, chilli and pepper oil, biscuit, the mozarella was lovely, and complimented by the intense oil and a pastry of I believe olive and mushroom...