17 April 2014

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Blog Reviews from YUMMEI


  1. Published : Sunday, 30th June 2013

    Del'Aziz Bermondsey | Del Aziz - Bermondsey

    Word of advice. Always follow your gut instincts. Why?...

  2. Published : Monday, 20th May 2013

    Sushinho | Sushinho - Liverpool Street - London

    I shudder when I see the words 'fusion' and 'Asian' used together in the same sentence. Normally the outcome is rather...alien. So, when Sushinho opened up another branch in Liverpool Street, London. (The original restaurant is in Kings Road, London)...

  3. Published : Thursday, 9th May 2013

    Gallipoli | Gallipoli Bazaar - Angel - London

    An empire of Gallipoli restaurants line up along Upper Street, in Angel; London. It's a pretty bold statement to have THREE of the same restaurants all perched proudly on the same road. There's Cafe Gallipoli, Gallipoli Bazaar and Gallipoli Again; in that very order. We decided to go to the one in the middle; Gallipoli Bazaar purely because the interior was the most lavish, dark and cosy. The deep crimson walls, decadent silk sofas, flickering candle light, and dim Moroccan lamps created that lazy, border line seductive atmosphere....

  4. Published : Monday, 15th April 2013

    Taro | Taro - Soho - London

    There are two branches both conveniently in the Soho district, I am a normal resident at Mr. Taro's second love nest in Old Compton Street; but you can also wander to the original branch in Brewer Street.himmying underground in the basement is Taro, Old Compton Street...

  5. Published : Monday, 4th March 2013

    Patty & Bun | Patty & Bun - Bond Street - London

    Holy mother of cheese. Mark my words you will be screaming those exact same words. How do I know this? Because that was my reaction when I took my first bite of what-so-far is the mother of all burgers that has hit London. Along St. Jame's Street just off Bond Street is Patty and Bun. London's worst kept secret. With burgers named like The Ari Gold (those who watch Entourage will understand), and The Lambshank Redemption; you really cannot walk by without stopping just to stare...

  6. Amidst all the shops and offices in Oxford Circus stands Yalla Yalla. It's hard to miss the black and yellow exterior of Yalla Yalla, nor the buzzing young crowd of people normally queuing out the door. The interior is cosy, and is set out in a cafe style, with long high tables...