25 April 2014

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  1. Published : Sunday, 18th November 2012

    Green Man & French Horn | Green Man and French Horn

    The Green Man is the fourth opening from Ed Wilson and partners.The others, Terriors, Brawn, and Soif are all part of this ever expanding and successful empire. Since opening it has received at least two national newspaper reviews and has been the subject of other positive reviews. This former pub occupies a slim site on the perimeter of a very busy Covent Garden. The interior is bare brick, tile and parquet floors with exposed ventilation pipes. Seating is cramped especially at the rear. It is not possible to hold a private conversation even if you or your near neighbours whisper. Every word is audible. Not good, not good at all. The best tables for two are in the middle of the long slim room, or if you wish you could eat at the bar...

  2. Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Cornwall is fine dining but there is also a Seafood and Grill in a separate location serving somewhat simpler fare. This is what is currently on offer at The Capital. Chef Pete Biggs has made the step up from Cornwall. He has worked with Nathan for ten years. Outlaw himself was in the kitchen during the opening weekdays and methinks apart from weekends he will spend his time here until he deems it to be perfect...

  3. Published : Wednesday, 1st August 2012

    Lima | Lima

    Its not every week that a Peruvian restaurant opens in London. What makes this one stand out (apart from being Peruvian of course) is that the executive chef has previously worked at one of the Worlds 50 best restaurants.Virgilio Martinez was the former executive chef at Astrid y Gaston group and now has his own restaurant in Peru...

  4. So we are back on top of the Royal Festival Hall for a return visit to The Cube. Needless to say it is great to be back. We were even looking forward to the ride in the very unusual "singing lift" up to the sixth floor. If ever you go here, you must seek out this highly original elevator.The guest chef this time was Claude Bosi, the double Michelin starred owner of Hibiscus...