26 July 2014

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Things to see, eat and do in London

  1. Published : Saturday, 24th August 2013

    The Clove Club | The Clove Club - The end product

    I've been thinking of how to open this post about The Clove Club. About how it all started 3 years ago with three very talented chefs, and how I've intently followed their progress through a variety of popups that they have done. It would be an understatement to say that I've been a fan of their work. I feel a little sad that there is just Isaac McHale left of the original three Young Turks, but thankfully the food is as great as ever. Partnering up with co-collaborators of their stint at the Ten Bells, the Clove Club was born...

  2. Published : Sunday, 28th July 2013

    Fifteen | Breathing fresh air into Fifteen

    A couple of months back, I was asked if I wanted to come try out Fifteens new menu. New head chef, new place, new approach to their food. Away went the "Italian" focused menu, and in came something with a much more British focus, unsurprising given that head chef John Rotherham's previous employment was at none other than the sadly now defunct St John Hotel. Each dish embraces no more than a few ingredients, used intelligently together to highlight the flavours of the other. With lots of the very much sharing focused menu under ten pounds, we kind of went wild...

  3. Move over "Dude Food", Modern British seems to be taking over the London restaurant landscape. With a glut of chefs seemingly moving on from the old school British institutions such as the Ivy and St John, we see them trying to reinvent themselves and embrace what they love most. This can only be a good thing. At Bird, an ex Soho House alumni, expect the best of British produce updated in it's elegant upstairs dining room. Settling on Bird for my birthday lunch with one of my oldest friends, we enjoyed some elegant to some frankly excellent dishes...

  4. Published : Sunday, 9th June 2013

    Salon | Salon - A truly British affair

    The dining room is minimal and quite bare, but the hospitality of the chefs/front of house was enough to warm up any room up. As it was a Tuesday night when I visited, the team behind Salon were trialling a nightly weekday dinner (as opposed to just Thursday to Saturday), with just two people manning the dining room. Every night, Salon offers...

  5. Social Eating House is a lot more casual than it's predecessor on Pollen Street. Lots of bare brick walls and moody lighting abound, all very current for the London dining scene and tricky when it comes to taking pictures...

  6. Published : Sunday, 14th April 2013

    The Mall Tavern | The Mall Tavern: A quirky classic

    Hidden just off the high street, the Mall Tavern is a gastro pub with a fully functioning utilitarian bar. This isn't a restaurant masquerading as a gastro pub, this is a pub which serves very good food. They have a variety of beers on draught and even stock proper crisps (for proper, read Monster Munch). Add a dart board and a fruit machine and I would happily settle in for a few hours...

  7. The Electric "Complex" (let's call it) comprises of the cinema, the diner, the members bar and the little doughnut shop which sits in the cinema lobby. Affected by a fire in June 2012, it took another six months before it was restored and revamped. The Diner itself, with Sodikoff brought in to consult, started to serve tarted up American Diner food. Think sandwiches (which basically covers everything which involves bread), things served with eggs and a variety of other things cooked on their grill...

  8. Published : Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Tonkotsu | "What I ate" Weekly - Issue TWO

    The best way to kick off the week is vodka, right? Well, that's exactly what I did when I attended an LCS event with Vestal Vodka. Coming out of Poland (with an Anglo-Kiwi twist), this vodka is different in many ways, although the focus is on it's single filtration, the "terroir" and age of its potatoes, and it's concept of small batch vintage. It has a pretty interesting (and initially not entirely pleasing) smell, but once you drink it, I picked up the strange nuances of apple and bubblegum, challenging but not displeasing. Over the night, I sampled the entire current Vestal range and emerged from the Vestal Vaults very much converted, only something an evening with the London Cocktail society can do...

  9. Published : Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hunan | The Lazy Posts of 2012: Part 1 - The Pricy Ones

    Now, I really should have written something about this earlier, because the food was very very well executed, and as good an example of classic French techniques as you will find anywhere in London, I would imagine. I was there for a little blogger dinner for the launch of Phil Howards new cookbook, an anthology of savoury recipes. Apparently, this had been many years in the making and I can see why. It’s a beautiful and bountiful cookbook containing recipes for beginners up to the pros...