26 July 2014

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  1. Published : Tuesday, 24th September 2013

    Kamique Bar | Kamique Bar, St Martins Lane, Covent Garden

    London is full of places ostensibly like Kamique, bars stuffed with hen nighters and pre-clubbers drinking brightly coloured cocktails on plush banquettes, the sound of chatter competing with pumping music. This was my first impression but heading over to the quieter dining room, roped off from the crowded bar, I began to gain confidence. On sitting down there was some confusion over our booking and we were moved twice to a different table but the staff throughout were extremely friendly and whilst not entirely organized yet, the place is pretty new so they’re still finding their feet. Despite the place being very busy we never felt we had been forgotten...

  2. Every element at Polo Bar in the Westbury Mayfair Hotel feels highly polished. From the service to the menu to the decor the investment of time, care and undoubtedly a great deal of money that has gone into this place is evident from the moment you walk in. The atmosphere is formal without feeling too serious with clientele and staff presented in equally immaculate fashion. Indeed as I scurried in from the street a little windblown I got the instant urge to pat down my hair and check my lipstick after spotting a partial reflection in one of the monolithic black marble columns...

  3. Published : Saturday, 14th September 2013

    Central & Co | Central & Co – Oxford Circus

    Right opposite Liberty on Great Marlborough Street, Central & Co is a lively place to go and enjoy a drink and perhaps some food. We were invited to pop along and review the venue on a sunny evening a week or so ago. At 5pm it was already busy, full of groups of friends drinking cocktails and sparkling wine. Perhaps not suprising as there are a good range of reasonably priced cocktails and wines by the glass, including a range of sparkling wines. My champagne berry bellini swizzle was delicious and very pretty, with a few seasonal blackberries as a garnish...

  4. Published : Sunday, 23rd December 2012

    Zoilo | Zoilo Cocina Argentina

    Taking a pescatorian to do a review of an Argentinian restaurant might be regarded as foolish, but the press release for Zoilo claimed it would offer dishes that gave a ‘firm nod’ to Argentina’s plentiful coast so, off I set with The Hedonist. Diego Jacquet, the Chef Patron of this vibrant and friendly restaurant has put together a menu of authentic dishes inspired by the Asado. But this place is about a lot more than a steak, however wonderful that might be:)...

  5. Published : Friday, 14th December 2012

    Green Man & French Horn | Green Man and French Horn Review

    Lack of photographic evidence from my restaurant visits can be a result of my appalling skills with the camera, of poor light or, as in this case, simply because I am enjoying the food and company too much to take a lot of snaps. I was the first of our group to arrive at Green Man and French Horn, another restaurant in the group that includes Terroirs, Soif and Brawn. This venue, a few minutes from Covent Garden, focuses on the food and wines of the Loire, an area I visited this summer. But, I was still totally lost when I tried to find a suitable wine, perhaps because my recent trip focused on Chenin Blanc and Savennieres. Winter for me means rich, fruity red wines and hearty dishes of game so my little book of learning about the Loire was totally useless. In the few minutes before my friends arrived I had a chance to look around. Green Man and French Horn is modelled very much in the same style as Terroirs, although all on one level, with one restaurant area and with a rather simpler food offering as a result. I eventually picked a glass of Cheverny to sip while I waited and rather enjoyed the light, fruity pinot noir/gamey blend...

  6. Published : Thursday, 13th December 2012

    Bone Daddies | Bone Daddies Soho Review

    So far as I know there is no particular way to qualify as a restaurant reviewer. In my case I have always loved food and eating out. When I first left university I earned next to nothing and got rent rebate from the local council. And, I used to save it up and spend it going to very nice, very expensive restaurants. Which I really doubt is what the council intended. Nevertheless, in no way am I an expert, and my reviews are simply a reflection on what I enjoy and on what I think other people might like. When I am invited to try something that is new for me, I do always feel a little insecure. I try to find out what I SHOULD be experiencing and rather enjoy the learning process. And then…

  7. Published : Sunday, 9th December 2012

    The Bingham | The Bingham, Richmond upon Thames

    The Bingham Hotel, on the banks of the Thames, is elegant and well appointed, just a few minutes walk from the main shopping centre. And a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely lunch, since the dining room looks out over the river. In fact in the summer, there are tables outside almost on the river bank but, in December it was just a bit too chilly for that...

  8. Published : Sunday, 2nd December 2012

    Tinello | Tinello, Pimlico – Italians do it Better

    Tinello and Testing the Peroni Vivi in Stile App: In Victoria for an event last week, somehow the canapes, cocktails and champagne didn’t quite hit the spot and about 8pm I felt very hungry.  It’s not a part of London I know very well – there are a few good Hotels, like the one we were in for the event and not much else within walking distance.  Yes of course we could have got a cab into the West End, or even hiked up there, but my Stilettos really don’t do that kind of walking unless absolutely necessary. I’d been sent an app to download on my phone and test so, we both thought it would be fun to see what was in the area.  Now, it lets you find fashion, drinks. design, event and food.  Obviously we went for food! An interesting selection of restaurants in the area popped up in list form, marked up with distance from us.  And, we picked one to try.  Tinello is an Italian restaurant founded by an ex chef from Locatelli and it came with the recommendation of Locatelli himself.  The list was quite short and very biased to Italian restaurants, though from [...]

  9. Published : Saturday, 1st December 2012

    Il Calcio | Il Calcio, North Audley Street, Mayfair

    Il Calcio – a Romanian Italian in London: Walking in the door of Il Calcio, my first impression was of good taste.  The new restaurant, on North Audley Street somehow manages to be sumptuously elegant without overpowering.  Very comfortable banquette seating upholstered in silvery grey velvet stripes, white linen tablecloths and roses on every table. This Italian restaurant is the London flagship for an already well established business.  Il Calcio  has a group of restaurants in Romania and founder Valentin Salagean has plans for a second branch on the Old Brompton Road. Valentin learnt his skills as a restauranteur from the bottom up, originally in New York working as a waiter at Nello’s.  He worked his way up through the kitchen, eventually becoming a restaurant manager, then returning to Romania to build Il Calcio there.  And, in the house magazine he speaks of a dream to open a restaurant in London. Here it is then, a Romanian Italian in London.  No different to a Russian American in London (Goodman) or for that matter an English Italian in Russia (Jamie’s) but I was curious – what would the food be like? As it happens the food was pretty good. I started with [...]

  10. Breakfast at Harvey Nichols with Perrier-Jouet: OK, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  But, you know the invitation sounded pretty good to me.  And, there are times when pictures speak louder than words –  this is what I walked into: A few weeks ago I went to an exquisite exhibition of embroideries by Claire Coles.  She has worked with Perrier-Jouet to design beautiful gift bottles and bags.  And now the Fifth Floor bar at Harvey Nichols has been redesigned, taking as its inspiration Emile Gallé’s iconic 1902 anemone design for the Cuvée Belle Époque Champagne bottle, and then decorated by renowned floral Japanese artist, Makoto Azuma to reflect the artistry of the the champagne itself and its bottle design.  White Japanese anenomes are  the flowers used on the bottle itself, but the arrangements go further by attempting to reflect the qualities of the champagne itself and the sensation it gives in your mouth. All of this activity celebrates the Limited Edition Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Florale Edition champagne, 2004 vintage. At the launch event we were treated to a specially designed canape menu to showcase the delicate notes in the Belle Epoque champagne. We started [...]

  11. Published : Wednesday, 28th November 2012

    The Fat of the Land | The Fat of the Land

    Fat of the Land – Pan-Mediterranean Pub and upstairs Dining Room in Marylebone:   I really liked the idea of a pub serving Spanish tapas and  specialising in Catalonian food.  And, initial impressions of The Fat of the Land were excellent. Downstairs there’s a clean and stylish bar with ham and garlic hanging in the window, but with modern décor.  Upstairs, a dining room with wooden floorboards, individual standard lights for each table and muted colours.  It’s all in very good taste.   We ordered a few para picar, small dishes to keep us going till the tapas arrived.  Smoked eel was the best of the trio – very tender, lightly smoked and pleasantly oily. Pa am tomaquet was just a bit too ‘clean’ for me.  Great bread (sour dough I think), nicely charred with a tiny plate of fresh tomato on one side.  No sign of garlic or oil – and to be honest at this time of year even Spanish tomatoes need a little help to bring out their flavour.  We asked, and were given a bottle of oil which we used to dress the bread which helped a lot. The olives were reasonable. Of the main courses, [...]

  12. Published : Sunday, 25th November 2012

    House of Wolf | Blanch & Shock and the House of Wolf

    Cocktails, Food and Entertainment at The House of Wolf: A month or so ago I went to the launch party for the House of Wolf in Islington.  All was well for the first half hour or so of press preview, then the doors were opened and the place full to the brim.  Too crowded to review,  I asked to return.  And discovered that in November two of my favourite chefs would be upstairs in residence.  So, what could be better?  Experimental cocktails and food at the House of Wolf cooked by Blanch & Shock (you may remember my review from The Endurance). Well, all was going fine, until we started the evening with a fresh blackberry and absinthe cocktail.  It was delicious, very refreshing and slightly herbal. And, a little deadly!   But, still able to stand, we then made our way upstairs to the first floor experimental cocktail bar, The Apothocary.  Our cocktails looked splendid, mine ‘Over the Pop’  based on a whisky sour but with popping candy and cherries and my dining companion’s Tiki with flambed pineapple to represent a beach. These cocktails ARE experimental.  I actually liked my version of whisky sour, the combination of popping candy [...]

  13. The Seafood Grill at St Enodoc’s Hotel, Rock: I have watched Nathan Outlaw demonstrating how to cook fish at Boscastle Festival for 3 years now.  I have the book (still to be reviewed, but highly recommended!).  I have even had a cookery lesson from him, courtesy of Davidstow Cheddar.  But, until now, I have never eaten at his restaurant.  So, this year, we decided to take a cab from Boscastle where we were visiting for the food festival, to Rock (so that both of us could drink and not have to navigate the treacherous Cornish roads at night) and indulge in a meal at St Enodoc’s Hotel in Rock, where Nathan has both the two star Michelin fine dining restaurant and the more informal Seafood Grill. Now, had we planned a little more ahead, maybe we might have found space at the fine dining restaurant, but in retrospect I am rather glad we went to the grill.  Not because we were in any way disappointed but because the menu is very close to the one now offered in London at the Capital Hotel where Nathan opened on 2nd October.  And, guess what, I’m booked there for lunch in a week or [...]

  14. Published : Saturday, 6th October 2012

    Hawksmoor Guildhall | Hawksmoor Guildhall, City of London

    Breakfast at Hawksmoor: Although I’m a Londoner, it’s a long time since I worked in the City.  But, I do love a good English breakfast, so when I was offered the chance to review the breakfast at Hawksmoor Guildhall, I was thrilled.  Hawksmoor is a small group of London based restaurants, best known for their steaks.  The Guildhall branch is open for breakfast from Monday to Fridays – opening at 7am and finishing service at 10am.  Being fainthearted, I booked the latest reasonable slot – so when we arrived at 9.30 the restaurant was about a quarter full.  The entrance is quite deceptive, the large restaurant and bar are downstairs. The breakfast menu offers a wide range of dishes including the Full English which I chose, usually served with eggs (missing from my plate by choice!).  Really there’s little to fault in the dish, meaty sausages, firm and well flavoured bacon.  There’s a nice portion of real black pudding, a piece of hashbrown and a good portion of nutty baked beans.   My friend chose scrambled eggs with mushrooms.  Perhaps the only disappointment with the Hawksmoor breakfast was that at 9.30 there was no more smoked salmon, which was her [...]

  15. Published : Sunday, 9th September 2012

    Brasserie Zédel | Brasserie Zedel Review

    Where do food bloggers go for lunch? Well, you know, we’ve been known to turn up in the most unexpected places. But as it happens, Brasserie Zedel was recommended to me by another blogger and good friend of mine, The Hedonist – so when I arranged to meet Karen Burns Booth of Lavender and Lovage for lunch it seemed like a good place to try. Especially as she spends a good part of her time living in France. Literally just off Picadilly Circus, you reach the Brasserie by walking through the tiny cafe down some steps. And you might just be stepping into La Coupole. Grand in the traditional French Brasserie style I wondered how the food would live up to the surroundings! It’s the brainchild of Chris Corbin and Jeremy King who also run The Wolseley and The Delaunay, both charming, successful and while not overpriced, not somewhere to go every day unless you have unlimited funds!...

  16. Published : Tuesday, 4th September 2012

    Chipotle | Chipotle St Martin’s Lane Covent Garden

    Gentle reader – a blogger in a chain restaurant? what is the world coming to? Given some of my reviews it might suprise you to know that not only do I eat in chain restaurants, there are some I really like. Of course I love fine dining. And, I enjoy hip and trendy street food from time to time. I like exploring and finding new places to eat too. But, there are some real advantages to restaurants where quality control comes from head office and where the ingredients are centrally sourced. What it means it that if you are somewhere new and you need to eat, you are pretty much assured of a reasonable meal if you can find a chain that you like. And of course the central buying ensures prices are kept low...

  17. Published : Friday, 31st August 2012

    The Anthologist | The Anthologist, City of London

    The Anthologist in Gresham Street, is quite appropriately, a large city bar with a very wide selection of eclectic food and drinks including foraged cocktails and salads ‘from the Woods and Gardens’.  It’s right in the heart of the City, just off Bank, and on Tuesday lunchtime was packed with office workers.  I arrived early and my friend was running late, but they were kind enough to bring me a large board of bread and olives and some sparkling water to keep me going while he negotiated the vagaries of London Transport. The interior is a large space and quite buzzy in the main dining areas, at least during lunch hour, but rather smartly, it’s been divided up into different types of seating areas (little booths, long bars, small tables and big communal ones)...

  18. There are parts of London where I always get lost. Even though I’ve lived here for most of my adult life I STILL can’t find my way round the City. Especially coming out of Liverpool Street Station. Depending on how you arrive at the station, there seem to be a bizarre number of exits. And there are always roadworks. So, I was running just a little bit late, exited the tube somewhere I really couldn’t remember at all and got completely lost. Eventually I found what should have been a really simple place to reach – about 2 minutes from the station and pushed open the door to The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields...

  19. Published : Tuesday, 21st August 2012

    Kitchen Italia | Kitchen Italia, Westfield

    Kitchen Italia, Westfield Shepherds Bush Westfield, Shepherds Bush opened a few years ago with rave reviews.  It’s a well laid out shopping centre within easy access of most of London and the South East and has almost all the shops you might ever need.  Beside the shopping element, as you might expect there’s a huge range of places to eat so to stand out, a restaurant needs to offer something special. In the case of Kitchen Italia the proposition is that all their food is freshly cooked to order.  Their menu, of pizzas, pasta and chef’s specials is comprehensive with traditional Italian dishes alongside options like ribeye steak and chips...