23 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from Living La Vida London


London's hidden gems, on a student budget

  1. Published : Monday, 10th February 2014

    Vibe Bar | (Hopefully good) Vibe Bar

    Wandering down Brick Lane, a sprained ankle resulted in a decision to head to the first bar we found – for both a sit down and some medicinal drinking. This actually turned up a doozy, surprisingly enough, with ‘Vibe bar’. Having walked past several times on my moochings around East London, I had always assumed it was just part and parcel of Brick Lane’s Sunday market – having never been there any other day. There’s a large courtyard with stalls, so a safe assumption I guess. However, once the market had packed up and we noticed people were still drinking merrily, we felt that warranted some investigation...

  2. Published : Saturday, 17th August 2013

    Hideaway Jazz Café | Streatham Food Festival 2013

    The restaurant we chose first, one we had in fact had our eye on for a looong time, was ‘The Hideaway Jazz Cafe’. Behind it, there lies a jazz bar, but right on the street there is a cafe that serves from early in the morning to late into the night. They’d laid on quite a gourmet sounding menu, and eyes wide with excitement, we picked the: ‘Confit Pork Shoulder with Smoked Eel and Poached Quail Egg Hollandaise’..

  3. It’s hidden behind the jade door on Gerrard Street in China Town, between to very loud Chinese restaurants. Easy to miss, apart from a small bronze sign and a very tall, serious looking bouncer manning the door. He’s lovely though. Now, it really is best to make a reservation. They can get very busy; they certainly were when we were there. When we told the door bloke who we were, he checked the list then invited us in out of the cold whilst he radioed up to the hostess...

  4. Published : Sunday, 24th March 2013

    Robin Hood Zorro | B.Y.O.B. Restaurants

    These were a revelation after moving down south. I didn’t even know there were restaurants with a ‘Bring Your Own Booze’ policy. But I was thrilled to find out there are quite a few, especially since alcohol can be the biggest cost when eating out. My favourite is in Hammersmith. I frequented it quite a lot when I lived in my university Halls of Residence last year, as it was much closer then – but I’d still make the journey there now. It’s called ‘The Hammersmith Cafe’. The entrance is rather innocuous looking...

  5. Published : Monday, 18th March 2013

    Yum Bun | Yum Bun

    It was easy to find – the shop itself is tiny, right next to Rotary Bar and Diner. The people behind the wooden counter were smiley and friendly, which frankly can be a rarity all of it’s own in London – meaning I was already pretty impressed before I even got the bun!...

  6. Published : Sunday, 13th January 2013

    Duck & Waffle | Duck and Waffle (At last)

    Last night, we had the rather unusual experience of going to dinner at 1 am. Other than wolfing down a hubcap sized burger after a drunken night out, this is not something I generally do…mainly as most restaurants in the UK are shut past 12 for the majority of evenings. But the Duck and Waffle is a 24 hour food fest, only taking a short break between 5 and 6 am,and serving alcohol until 3 am. This piqued my interest, it has to be said. However what really drew me to sample it’s varied delights is it’s location. It’s found on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, in City of London. The views are spectacular, and I am nothing if not a sucker for a view. I have spent the past year and a half now hunting down good places overlooking London. There aren’t many, at least not around my haunts. But the Duck and Waffle ticked that box perfectly for me...