1 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from bloke does blog


  1. Published : Wednesday, 17th July 2013

    Shake Shack | Shake Shack, Covent Garden, London

    New York has given me some great memories, the New York engagement to my wife won’t ever be beaten, but sampling a Shack Shake burger came pretty damn close (sorry love). It’s where my love affair for burgers started. Madison Park NYC, the year 2009, and I had eaten burgers before, of course, but none this good, I Just couldn’t get my head around it. A fast food burger? This good? Was I dreaming? No! The flavour was amazing and I have been yearning for that taste again, so you could imagine that when I heard the news that Shake Shack was coming to the UK, well to say I was over moon was an understatement...

  2. Published : Friday, 22nd March 2013

    John Salt | John Salt, Islington, London

    When I was asked where I’d like to go for my birthday, it was clear the long awaited time had come. “John Salt!” I shouted with excitement. I’ve been wanting, and needing, to go to John Salt ever since former Pitt Cue Co head chef Neil Rankin took up residence...

  3. It was my mother-in-laws birthday and a trip to London was on the cards. “Would you like to join us for a meal in London?” she asked. “Cool, where we going?” I replied, “Burger & Lobster”. My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Now Burger & Lobster, the name is a give away, you can either order a burger, or yep, you guessed it, a lobster; so no messing around here you go for one or the other...

  4. Published : Tuesday, 8th January 2013

    Duke's Brew & Que | Duke

    I was up in the Big Smoke again, this time to witness my football team get thumped by the Arsenal 6-1, so as you could imagine I was on a bit of a downer. What could possibly cheer me up? Beer and meat? Hell yeah, that would cheer me up no end! As we were in the Highbury & Islington area we wanted to head somewhere close, so we opted for Duke’s Brew & Que, a stones throw away from Haggerston over ground train stop. I’ve heard postive things about Duke’s, so it’s been on THE list for quite some time...

  5. Published : Tuesday, 8th January 2013

    Rocksalt | Rocksalt @ Folkestone Harbour, Kent

    It was my wife’s birthday and the mother-in-law and I were trying think of somewhere nice to take her as a birthday treat. After searching around for somewhere open on a Monday night, we settled on Rocksalt. The wife and I have been meaning to try this restaurant for a long time, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it...

  6. Published : Wednesday, 28th November 2012

    Bubbledogs | Bubbledogs @ Fiztrovia, London

    The wife and I headed up to London for a spot of Christmas shopping and after putting in a busy two hour shift on the streets of London, it was time for some chow down. So where should we go? We opted for something we would both would enjoy, so Bubbledogs seemed to be the obvious choice, bubbles for the lady, and dogs for me. Let me tell you a little bit about Bubbledogs, Bubbledogs is a hot dog & champagne bar on Charlotte Street in the Fiztrovia area , yes you heard me right, a hot dog & champagne bar, it’s only been open a few months but has had some really good reviews, anyway, on with my story...