20 August 2014

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His & her incredible eating adventures

  1. What is in the fridge? A beer? A cold drink? How about all that and then some more? Welcome to the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. Behind a secret door in the Breakfast Club in Aldgate is where the Mayor lives. We took some friends who were in town to grab a few cocktails. You should try to get a reservation because the space is limited. She says: Keeping it light, I got the ginger beer. Not the usual offering of ginger beer here, they had one from Follows & Fentimans. Nice and refreshing. The candle lights of the cocktail bar and the space makes it a great place to catch up and talk with friends...

  2. Published : Tuesday, 29th October 2013

    Smokehouse | eat: smokehouse

    On a quiet, residential corner of a street in Islington is the home to Smokehouse. The name of the restaurant is really quite fitting for it as you can see the smoke rising from the restaurant as you walk towards it. The smoke house is attached to the back of the restaurant and most of the meat is cooked on it for hours. There is always some signage on the blackboard that will let you know that you have arrived…

  3. Published : Thursday, 22nd August 2013

    Morito | eat: morito

    Nestled in Exmouth Market next to bigger sister ‘Moro’, the unassumingly small tapas and mezze bar is a hands down favourite among Clerkenwell locals and beyond. The main attraction of Morito is the bright and bold tangerine coloured bar where diners can perch and enjoy themselves with a glass of wine in hand, overlooking the chefs cooking dishes to order. Morito draws inspiration from Spanish and North African influences, cuisine which can be found predominantly in Southern parts of Spain in cities such as Granada and Cordoba, where the Moors invaded and inhabited. Scattered on the bar are an assortment of Morrocan style tagines and clay pots, filled with all kinds of seasonings, spices and herbs...

  4. Published : Saturday, 20th July 2013

    Shoryu Soho | eat: shoryu soho

    We visited Shoryu Soho back in May 2013 when it was just a small popup restaurant. Back then we had to wear jackets as it was still pretty cold in London so a bowl of ramen was the best thing to order. Fast forward a few months and Shoryu Soho finally opens as a proper restaurant. It is double the size of the original popup restaurant, this is necessary as it is fitting to feed the masses that queue up for it. Now with the hot summer weather in London, we ask is “a bowl of ramen still the best thing to order”?...

  5. Published : Wednesday, 3rd July 2013

    Smiths of Smithfield | eat: smiths of smithfields

    On an amazing Monday night in June we were invited up to the top floor of Smiths of Smithfields (SoS) in Farringdon for a exhibition of what they do best. What a lovely view it was, not only talking about the beef carcass glistening in all it’s glory, but the spacious and airy room itself. The top floor boasts a naturally lit dining area, along with a balcony area along the side. This was a great place to mingle and start the balmy summery evening, with canapes and appetizers doing the rounds including these juicy oysters below...

  6. Published : Sunday, 28th April 2013

    Dirty Burger Kentish Town | eat: dirty burger

    “I’m in a parking lot, where is this place?” Look for the shed in the corner and there you will find the burgers, welcome to the world of Dirty Burger. He says: On a casual night out with the boys, we stumbled upon a place called Dirty Burger. This was a pleasant surprise, after trying to search for a place that serves food after 8pm around Kentish Town, when our adventurous expedition to...

  7. Published : Sunday, 10th March 2013

    The Longroom | eat: the longroom

    The Longroom is a newish pub centrally located in Farringdon, right near St John’s and up the road from Smithfield market. We first came to The Longroom on a Sunday in early February after a painstakingly long three hour wait to visit the Rain Room at the nearby Barbican Centre. On this particular occasion, we were all hyped to try their brunch menu which includes the ‘Salt Beef Benedict’. To our disappointment, the brunch menu was not being served...

  8. Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Thanks to my friends at NuffnangX I was invited to the opening night launch of the 1st floor lounge & cocktail bar at Smiths of Smithfield. SOS brings back a lot of fond memories for me, He took me here one fine day on our second date for brunch. I recall a rather relaxed laid-back vibe, brimming with a young fashionable crowd in their late twenties to thirties. The same could be said for tonight. As you make your ascent to the first floor, you’ll notice the rustic red corrogated iron wall lined with black chalkboards, heralding quotes such as ‘Too much of anything is bad, too much of good whisky is barely enough‘...

  9. Published : Monday, 4th February 2013

    Bull & Last | eat: the bull and last

    This is the second time I’ve made the trek to The Bull and Last on a Sunday, previously for a girls brunch and on this occasion, for a friends birthday celebration.With all sorts of accolades under its belt, such as winner of the Observer food awards “best Sunday lunch in 2011″ and runner up in 2012, there’s a reason why people continue to flock together to this highly acclaimed Highgate gastropub. Word of warning, if you don’t see eye to eye with stuffed furry animals, have an overwhelming fear of taxidermy or slight case of mortophobia or doraphobia, this pub ain’t for you matey!..

  10. Published : Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Zoilo | eat: zoilo

    Another new South American eatery has charmingly entered my neighbourhood in November 2012. Tempted by @wilkes888 and his glowing verdict of Zoilo during their opening week, I gathered the troops to Marylebone for a Saturday lunch. We’re here on a double date with our lovely friends from Australia, Bonnie & Will. Once you find your way through the mass of black curtain at the entrance, you’ll notice the long understated wooden bar that stretches across the length of the narrow room. This is the second joint venture by the team that founded Casa Malevo near Marble Arch / Paddington...

  11. Published : Thursday, 6th December 2012

    Patty & Bun James Street | eat: patty and bun joe

    She says: Burgers, sliders – big and small, which is the bestest of them all? The topic of ‘best burger’ in London is a rather contentious subject with varying degrees of opinion, but one that I’m happy to debate till the cows come home. Yet another new burger joint Patty & Bun Joe has popped up in my hood and I must say the burgers are indeed delish! Patty & Bun Joe joins a host of recent ‘pop-up turned restaurant’ ventures in London, plonking itself right in the heart of London on James St, nearby to one of my favourite sushi haunts Atari-ya. Taking an intellectual guess, I’m thinking the ‘Joe’ in said establishment’s name is representative of burg-entreneur founder Joe Grossman – the man behind this latest meat sensation. Arriving at about 7.30pm, we wait patiently for about 15 – 20 minutes in the line while the strong waft of burger smell illuminates in the air...

  12. Published : Saturday, 1st December 2012

    Goodman City | eat: goodman city steak restaurant

    Goodman City has been open now for about 2 years. Since then other competition has opened, Hawksmoor, JW Steakhouse and even Wolfgang Puck’s own ‘The Cut’ has filled out London’s steakhouse scene. The reason I come back to Goodman City is consistency. I have been there now over 6 times. Each time I would get the porterhouse. One day I will try something else, till then it is the porterhouse. The porterhouse is a cut of steak that has sirloin and fillet. It’s is really my favourite cut because it has those two cuts of meat along with the bone and some nice pieces of fat...

  13. I love being a lady of leisure. Or acting like one. It’s a Sunday and I’ve organised a catchup with the ladies in the lovely and leafy neighbourhood of Primrose Hill. After seeing a flurry of tweets from their food menu by @MichaelNadra on Twitter, I decided that a visit to this new eatery was a must! Our stomachs are grumbling extra loudly today though, as breakfast has been skipped and clocks turning back an hour due to the end of daylight saving. While we are enjoying the lovely stroll from Chalk Farm and fumbling our way to the restaurant after taking a bit of a long route, an extra hours sleep has resulted in eating lunch an hour later than usual!...

  14. Published : Saturday, 27th October 2012

    The Table | eat: the table

    She says: Although having worked in the Southwark area for six months when I first arrived in London, I only managed to squeeze in the occasional morning coffee run at The Table. One recent weekend, we were tossing up between The Table, Elliot’s cafe and Bea’s diner @ Maltby St markets for Saturday brunch. Thanks to fellow foodie Dione, we were swayed by her recommendation to try the food at this cafe! I’ve heard the Table is packed to the brim on weekends and queues here can be quite long and disheartening. We walked briskly and quickened our pace to get there before 11am. Despite being surrounded by a crowd of young urbanites and groups of families – from babies in strollers to grey haired grans, there’s a relaxed ambience in the air. We are greeted with pleasant smiles, then seated on a long wooden bench next to another unassuming couple...

  15. Published : Thursday, 25th October 2012

    Salvation Jane | eat: salvation jane

    She says: It is somewhat of a ritual to start your Sunday with a wholesome brunch in Australia. Sydneysiders flock to their favourite caffeine scenes, devouring eggs coupled with magnificently smooth cups of roasted coffee made by some of the best baristas in the world. Over the past two years of London life, I’ve been in search for the perfect brunch spots that remind me of long, lazy and lingering weekends back home. I stumbled upon this place after seeing colleagues check-in on foursquare. Little did I know that Salvation Jane is the bigger sister in the East of Aussie cafe Lantana in Fitzrovia, one of my all time favourite cafes in London – famous for it’s long queues and quality coffee. Salvation Jane is located near Old Street and about two or three times bigger than Lantana, which is great for us as we saunter in casually without having to wait for a table. I’m here on a mission with two of my favourite fellow foodie girlfriends, Minh & Sath, the day after a rather big night out...

  16. Published : Wednesday, 17th October 2012

    Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack | eat: bonnie gull seafood shack

    She says: The pop-up-gone-permanent restaurant is an ever growing reality in London. The team behind Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack, now with a permanent residence in Fitzrovia have tried their hand at numerous projects, from their humble beginnings at Hackney to the more recent ’Bonnie-on-Sky’ summer stint at Platterform in London Bridge. The underlying theme has been simple and consistent throughout – bring the best of British seafood to the bustling heart of London. Step into the restaurant and the design and decor of Bonnie Gull will instantly remind you of the seaside, tables laden with a blue and white checked table cloth and a hand drawn map of the UK scrawled on chalk board, illustrating where the produce has been sourced from. It’s a Tuesday night and I arrive hungry with two of my girl friends Mel & Idelia after a casual peruse at nearby Topshop on Oxford Street, only an 8 min walk away...

  17. Published : Thursday, 11th October 2012

    Antico | eat: antico

    She says: Situated on Bermondsey St, amongst the cluster of warehouse conversions, hip after work pubs and cocktail bars (The Garrison, Wool Pack, The Hide, Village East) and some our favourite food haunts that we visit on lazy weekends (Zucca, Jose & Pizarro) – we decide to try Antico, one of the newer local eateries in His neighbourhood. We’ve always peered inside on our way to do our occasional Sainsburys’ run in Bermondsey Square – the restaurant usually seems alive, bustling with lots of noise and smells of rustic Italian cuisine – like an Italian nonna would make! We later discover that Antico hosts an ‘Acoustic Night’ every Wednesday in the downstairs cocktail bar and Mojito Thursdays for 4 quid (more reasons to come back and visit!). He decided to make a dinner booking here for His sister who came to London for a two week holiday from Canada. Another excuse to try a new restaurant, but beware of the expanding tummy!...

  18. Published : Thursday, 11th October 2012

    Perkin Reveller | eat: perkin reveller

    She says: My younger brother from Japan came to visit me in London a few weeks ago. I quickly scanned Hot Dinners for a restaurant to welcome him to London, somewhere that could provide him with a taste of the Great British dining scene. There was a new name I hadn’t seen before – Perkin Reveller. With marvellous views of the Thames and a menu made ‘from the finest seasonal British ingredients, and complemented with foaming jugs of locally brewed beer, exceptional wines’… I was sold!...

  19. Published : Saturday, 6th October 2012

    Chrysan | eat: chrysan

    Chrysan is a newcomer to the Japanese food scene in London. This is a fresh take on Japanese food and it is unique to the abundance of sushi and yakitori restaurants that are already here. I thought this restaurant would be a fancy restaurant that served miniature sushi, so I almost cancelled my booking here because I was not in the mood for that type of food. It was pelting with rain in London on the night we dined and I was waiting outside for my other half to arrive for her birthday dinner. The staff of the restaurant kindly opened the door and asked if I would like to come in. Friendly staff, check...

  20. Published : Sunday, 23rd September 2012

    Tommi's Burger Joint Marylebone | eat: tommi’s burger joint

    Support local! This seems to be the mantra I’ve been adhering to, having frequented Tommi’s Burger Joint on Marylebone Lane four times in three weeks and nearby 28-50 on the same street. Admittedly, I have not yet tried the likes of Lucky Chip and Honest Burgers, although He’s a huge burger fan and rated Tommi’s over Meat Liquor. What’s noticeable from my last sentence is that the wave of burger frenzy continues to proliferate in central London. Even more amazing, is that the day He and I decide to pay a visit, we actually see THE MAN himself, Tommi (Tomas Tomasson), king of burgers in Iceland in the flesh himself in London, being madly photographed by a professional looking couple. There’s a genuine down to earth feel about Tommi’s, with menu items scrawled on simple cardboard cutout & paper bag signage and chalk boards heralding inspirational pearls of wisdom… my personal favourite was on my second visit alone… “Dream big… but plan in small, achievable steps”...

  21. Published : Saturday, 8th September 2012

    Lima | eat: lima

    One of the latest additions to Fitzrovia’s food haven. I’ve read so much buzz online about Lima by the online foodie community and positive affirmations from friends who had tried, tested and loved. This greatly helped my head spinning decision of where to take Him for his birthday, especially when there’s so many choices out there (I literally had 2 other restaurants booked which were cancelled at the last minute!). Plus, you must be in good hands when chef Virgilio Martinez has a list of culinary accolades next to his name – chef patron of Central, the #1 restaurant in Lima and Executive Chef at one of the San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants – Astrid y Gaston...