18 April 2014

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  1. Published : Tuesday, 11th December 2012

    Patty & Bun | Patty & Bun, Marylebone

    As the Western point of what has been dubbed London's Burgmuda Triangle on Twitter (see @burgeranarchy, amongst others) - with Tommi's and Meat Liquor making up the trio - Patty and Bun is facing some stiff competition for meat lovers in W1. As I was in town, meeting up with the lovely Stealth, on their opening day, we decided to swing by for a mid-afternoon bite and check out the hype. After a stint with a street cart, and a pop up at the Endurance, Soho, this is owner Joe Grossman's (the eponymous Patty&BunJoe) first bricks and mortar gaff, and it's pretty lovely looking. In a world of obscured entrances, plain frontages, and secret handshake to gain admittance, P&B's bright red awnings make a nice change, and mean you're not going to miss this place easily. It's an intimate affair (with room for about thirty covers) complete with the très trendy chip board and exposed wires vibe inside, and a great soul soundtrack playing (loudly) in the background...

  2. Published : Wednesday, 5th December 2012

    Masa | Masa, Harrow

    Going back to your hometown. It all sounds so romantic; as if the Smiths 'Take Me Back to the Old House' should be playing as you step off the train; everything tinged with a warm and fuzzy sepia glow. Of course the reality is far more grey North London drizzle, complete with the 340 thundering past Edgeware bound, but such is life. Despite being a mere stone's throw geographically from where I did most of my actual growing up, the difference from the leafy Chilterns and urban North West London couldn't really be more stark. Both, however, have their merits (there's nothing like the electric the buzz of the city, or the perfect stillness that seems to descend upon a small village), and thanks to the A40 the delights of Middlesex are never far away. Often on a weekend the Ewing and I like to do the Sunday drive in reverse, and head back into town from the country...