23 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from #fatmY


  1. Published : Thursday, 14th August 2014

    Pizza East | pizza east

    finally finally finally! i got mY mac ‘n’ cheese fix!!! woop woop #party! another to check off the list… only three months later. on the second night tom was in london, we decided to treat ourselves. well he had no choice, i really wanted an expensive £9 mac ‘n’ cheese from pizza east in shoreditch! no idea what cheese goes into it but every time without fail, i die a little inside with each taste! the cheese is is burnt to perfection and it’s so stringy when i tuck in!!! the mac is always soft and everything is just… perfect!!! nuff said!...

  2. Published : Wednesday, 13th August 2014

    Kêu! Shoreditch | keu

    kêu opened in 2012 and being only two years old, has taken the breakfast and lunch scene by storm! queues form all the way outside and the inside can get pretty packed out (it’s not a big place either). it’s part of the vietnamese kitchen group where you may know of their other vietnamese restaurants; cây tre in hoxton and soho & viet grill. the owners of these chains are very close friends of the family =) we ordered two different types of bánh mì (sandwich or baguette in vietnamese. it is also the word for bread – such a broad term isn’t it?) and shared it between us – the good ol’ half and half method when you’re in a relationship. i must say i love it! i’m always the type who wants everything on the menu and always extremely happy when someone else agrees to share a few dishes with me...

  3. happy birthday wing! we went out for dinner a couple of weeks ago to celebrate our friend wing’s birthday. one of our favourite places to eat at is burger & lobster in their soho branch. there’s always a wait for a table but luckily for us, as we were a group of six, we were able to make a reservation. there’s no food menu, only drinks. why? because they only have three dishes on offer; 1. beef burger, 2. lobster (either steamed or grilled, your choice) and 3. lobster roll (mY fave!). all are priced at £20 and comes with a side salad, fries and butter sauce (go for the smelly garlic butter sauce!). not a bad price to pay for lobster but i can’t say much for the beef burger. no one ordered the burger because it’s not great which is very surprising because this chain is owned by the russians who brought us goodman, the steak chain. so lobster it was! between the six of us, we all ordered options 2 and 3...

  4. Published : Friday, 18th July 2014

    Vapiano | vapiano

    not a big fan of chains as i like originality but having said that i’m a sucker for maccy ds so who am i to talk??? vapiano is a global italian chain making fresh food to order. you enter the premise and a credit sized card is handed to you. at the back of the restaurant there are food counters under “pasta”, “pizza” and “antipasta & insalata”. now this is the dangerous part… you approach a food counter and place your order, a tab is then set on the card that was given to you earlier. all you have to do is touch in like you would with an oyster card and the bill is added. it makes you want to go wild because you don’t get to see the tab you’re running up!...

  5. Published : Saturday, 7th June 2014

    Bob Bob Ricard | bob bob ricard

    for mY 27th birthday i decided to whet mY appetite at someplace i’ve never been to before. currently unemployed and “broke as a joke” (read happy birthday to me), what better excuse to blow some cash ey? tucked away in soho just past golden square lies a restaurant serving an all english and russian menu called bob bob ricard. it’s a luxury restaurant set in an extravagant all-booth dining room giving you the vip treatment. so, if you’re looking to impress whether it’d be a date or a client meeting, this place won’t disappoint. they even had a button you could press for more champagne! the five of us should be so lucky...

  6. Published : Thursday, 29th May 2014

    Ba Shan | ba shan

    when it comes to dining out, chinese cuisine is rarely on the top of mY list. it’s only ever number one after a night out in the west end and i stumble into chinatown for some fried ho fun! so when jenny (mY brother’s boss) took us out for dinner last night at ba shan - a chinese restaurant, i wasn’t sure what to expect. tucked away in soho on the corner of romilly street and frith street lies a spicy hunanese restaurant. i love spicy food and for this particular reason, jenny recommended ba shan. decked out in traditional chinese decor, you find yourself escaping from the hustle and bustle of the west end. we were sat on the top floor with only two tables but the other party left not long after we had arrived and so it felt like private dining (sweet!). the waiter was always at hand to assist us with our needs. the menu was extensive but it wasn’t difficult deciding what we wanted. as requested, all starters and mains came out as and when they were ready – we were so hungry! they didn’t mess about either, dishes came out quick!...

  7. Published : Monday, 12th May 2014

    Life | life

    i decided i wanted japanese and he decided on life. this was our second time here and the menu changes frequently that it was nice to return and try something different. i was running a little late (typical) and jas took it upon himself to order in advance. i didn’t mind at all as i trust his taste in food! for starters we shared a mixed vegetable salad and spicy soft shell crab...

  8. Published : Saturday, 10th May 2014

    Clockjack Oven | clockjack oven

    don’t you just love trying a new place? tucked away behind piccadilly circus on denman street lies clockjack oven, a rotisserie chicken restaurant. i’m never keen on chicken, i don’t like nando’s that’s for sure but i was willing to try somewhere new. you know when chicken has been cooked to perfection. it was a friday evening and time to catch up with mY close friends, puiyi & rita. this message made me chuckle:

  9. Published : Friday, 9th May 2014

    Haché Shoreditch | hache burger

    formerly known as little hanoi aka mY old family restaurant, we did not make the mistake of handing it over to an awesome gourmet burger chain, haché burger. we came here for a company lunch last friday to welcome new staff members including myself. boy were we in for a treat! there were sixteen of us eating and so we had to pre-order our meals. i opted for the steak milano that originally came topped with buffalo mozzarella but i asked for this to be replaced with smoked bavarian cheese mmm, parmesan shavings (not a fan of so i gave it away to laura) on sun-dried tapenade. the sun-dried tapenate came in a small separate bowl but i poured that all over mY burger!...

  10. Published : Sunday, 4th May 2014

    Jamie's Italian Canary Wharf | jamie’s italian

    last sunday i met up with mY dad for dinner to catch up on the last seven months where i’ve been away in thailand teaching english. mY stomach decided it would be a pasta night and so i picked jamie’s italian from the list. mY brother datty and sister emily joined us as well. this has been one of mY favourite spots ever since it opened in canary wharf back in 2009. i’m even a gold club member! only in this case, i forgot to bring the card with me for a free treat. the plus side is that i’ve been given £5 credit to use in the month of may woop woop! we were seated immediately but service was quite slow as it was fairly busy. our waiter for the evening approached us 20 minutes later which in mY opinion is too slow. completely understand that it is busy but he should have acknowledged our presence and then apologise to us that there will be a delay (just saying)...

  11. Published : Saturday, 3rd May 2014

    Green Papaya | green papaya

    we booked a dinner table for nine at green papaya, mare street branch. this is going to be an interesting review to write because the restaurant actually belongs to mY uncle! i’ve tried to be unbiased here but let’s be honest now, if the food wasn’t any good, he wouldn’t have mY support! they’ve just opened a new branch on kingsland road as well, be sure to check it out. we ordered an array of starters but unfortunately, being a ma (our family name) meant that we’re really hungry people and so i didn’t get a chance to take pictures of them all. i did manage to take pictures of the beef (medium rare) salad and the green papaya salad with prawns. they were so fresh with the right amount of zing, herbs and meat!...