25 July 2014

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The quest for the best restaurant

  1. Published : Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Sushi Tetsu | SUSHI TETSU (Clerkenwell)

    Sushi Tetsu is an intimate, miniature sushi bar just down the alleyway from The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell. It was opened by the ex-Nobu chef Toru Takahashi in June, 2012; I would have eaten there far earlier, if it hadn’t been for my pregnancy and the unanimous medical recommendations to avoid all raw fish while incubating a little human. It was a difficult 9 months without sushi — I remember salivating over instagram pictures and blog posts of beautifully crafted nigiri or perfectly fresh sashimi and I honestly couldn’t wait to dive in myself...

  2. My quest of trying to find a good and decently priced restaurant in the Chelsea/Knightsbridge area brought me to The Enterprise, a bright and friendly gastro pub in posh Walton Street, just behind Harrods. While other restaurants in this area are truly spoilt by their location among the rich, the famous and the non-discerning eaters (Baity Kitchen, Ciro’s), The Enterprise appears to be a pleasant exception. Not only is the set lunch incredibly well priced (available Monday to Friday, £17.25 for 2 and £19.50 for 3 courses), but also the atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is charming, helpful and not the least bit snotty. If it wasn’t for the ladies with motionless faces and protruding lips, results of extensive cosmetic surgery, one could almost forget that one is in Knightsbridge...

  3. Published : Thursday, 24th January 2013

    Baity Kitchen | BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

    With interest I observed the opening of Baity Kitchen, opposite from Jak’s, with a similar menu offering Mediterranean salads, breakfast and more. At the beginning, I didn’t hasten to check it out as a cursory glance at their menu gave me sticker shock: Baity’s seemed 30% plust more expensive for similar fare, and I confess that I was happy with Jak’s. However, over time I tired of the crowds at Jak’s and the increasingly blasé staff – they seemed spoilt by the crowds that made Jak’s hard to get into . Indeed, the Jak’s modus operandi seemed to be getting people out as soon as they sat down. Further, I was enticed as Baity Kitchen’s advertised free, wireless internet, which was missing at Jak’s...

  4. Published : Monday, 21st January 2013

    Yoshino | YOSHINO (Picadilly)

    Yoshino is hidden away in a little side street just off Picadilly Circus and if you didn’t know about this small and authentically Japanese sushi joint you would probably not stumble upon it by chance. The menu focuses on sushi and sashimi with a few side dishes as well as a several set menues/bento boxes starting from £20. We had our meal in the downstairs area (there is more seating upstairs) which wasn’t terribly atmospheric and rather chilly (mind you, it was one of the coldest days of the year). I read in other reviews that there is supposed to be a sushi counter downstairs which wasn’t the case when I visited, possibly due to the snow and staff shortage?...

  5. Published : Tuesday, 15th January 2013

    The Shed | THE SHED (Notting Hill)

    The Shed, just around the corner from Notting Hill Tube Station, is, well, a shed. A beautifully restored and well heated one that is, but nevertheless a shed. The wood smell, the warm lighting, the waiters dressed in lumberjack shirts, and the tools on the wall create a rustic, cosy and warm atmosphere which is of course a bit artificial but still incredibly charming. If it wasn’t for the most uncomfortable tables I have possibly ever sat at (turned-around barrels with wood tops and absolutely no space for even my short legs) I would make The Shed my new living room...

  6. Published : Tuesday, 11th December 2012

    The Delaunay | THE DELAUNAY (Covent Garden)

    It took me a long time to finally make it to The Delaunay. Despite the glowing reviews I was a bit reluctant to try it, as I was suspicious of its label as ’Grand European café”. Having lived in Vienna for 5 years, I think I know everything about Central/Middle Grand European cafés and I couldn’t deal with a fake version. How wrong I was! The Delaunay indeed has the elegant flair of a traditional Viennese coffee house, just less faded and with friendlier staff (Viennese waiters are infamous for their grumpiness). The Delaunay has managed to recreate the effortless grandeur of Viennese in fin de siècle places, and you find the white table clothes, the brass, the marble, the mirrors, the high ceilings and the waiters in suit...

  7. Published : Sunday, 9th December 2012

    Hedone | HEDONE (Chiswick)

    I’m swiftly approaching my unborn’s ETA and I am trying to cram as many meals in as possible before I will be confined to the nursery with a crying child in my arms. At the moment, baby and food are fighting for space in my ever-expanding abdomen, and, sorry baby, at my recent meal at Hedone, the food won. This dinner will probably stay with me during many a future sleepless night, will be recalled with nostalgia while changing nappies and may well lighten the darkness of postnatal depression. What an amazing meal this was!..

  8. Published : Wednesday, 5th December 2012

    Amaya | AMAYA (Belgravia)

    “I am sorry, you are not allowed to take pictures,” the Eastern European waitress kindly pointed out while I was about to snap the first course to arrive at our table. I wonder why really, it’s not that the plates look all that special and it’s the best way to piss a well-behaved (I don’t use flash, take my pictures with my iPhone and am also otherwise a good and discreet customer) food blogger off. I honestly don’t understand what’s wrong with taking a photo of the plate of food you have paid for – it doesn’t hurt anyone (apart from your dinner companion maybe who has to hold out until you found the right angle and ideal lighting) and it’s just frankly obnoxious...

  9. Published : Tuesday, 4th December 2012

    Mazi | MAZI (Notting Hill)

    My exposure to Greek food has been unexciting. I spent my summer holidays on various Greek islands when I was in my late teens and early twenties and at this time, I was severely financially restricted (meaning I didn’t experiment eating at higher end restaurants – I don’t know if they even existed?). The typical tourist (drinking) destinations that I visited consisted of basically one cloned restaurant with a sleazy Greek waiter in front trying to persuade customers to enter his restaurant (mostly with bribes like free ouzo and free house wine). This restaurant clone served the same few dishes with more or less similar quality: Greek salad, gyros, souvlaki, moussaka, dolmades. Washed down with enough ouzo and retsina it tasted fine but I can’t say that it left any lasting positive impressions...

  10. Published : Sunday, 18th November 2012

    Henry Root | The Neighbourhood Gem: HENRY ROOT (Chelsea)

    We were planning to go to 11 Park Walk, an Italian restaurant, part of the Zafferano group. When we arrived in Park Walk, just off Fulham High Street, the Italian place was two thirds empty and the clientele looked positively geriatric, while Henry Root just next to it drew us in with warm lighting and welcoming atmosphere. There we go, plans changed...

  11. Published : Thursday, 27th September 2012

    Bubbledogs | BUBBLEDOGS (Fitzrovia)

    Seldom has a restaurant been more omnipresent on twitter and various other foodie related social media and its opening more eagerly awaited than the recently launched Bubbledogs. Bubbledogs‘s concept is bizarre as much as it is genius, combining two things that I certainly have never enjoyed together (and never in my wildest dreams would have envisioned a possible match): champagne and hot dogs...

  12. Published : Monday, 3rd September 2012

    Ariana II | The Neighbourhood Gem: ARIANA II (Kilburn)

    I was invited for a pre-dinner drinks party in St. John’s Wood and of course I had to plan some dinner for afterwards. St. John’s Wood and surroundings are far out of my culinary comfort zone, but compliant with my new quest to discover Neighbourhood Gems, I put an urgent recommendation request on twitter...

  13. Published : Sunday, 26th August 2012

    500 | The Neighbourhood Gem: 500 RESTAURANT (Archway)

    This new category of “The Neighbourhood Gem” has been born as a result of a line of unsatisfactory visits to en vogue London restaurants. I concluded that a lot of the eateries that are the flavour at the moment in London, I just don’t rate particularly highly. I therefore decided together with my eater in crime, Uyen, instead of rushing to all new openings (I am honestly sick and tired of burgers) and endlessly hyped restaurants, to rather explore the neighbourhood eatery – usually a little gem that has been around forever and is recession-proof as it is frequented by loyal locals who keep coming to enjoy the food...

  14. Published : Monday, 20th August 2012

    Wapping Food | WAPPING FOOD (Wapping)

    I have been to Wapping Food years ago on an admittedly not very exciting date, and the venue left a more pronounced impression on me than the guy. The Wapping Project which includes Wapping Food must be one of the coolest art spaces/ restaurant in London. The restaurant is situated in an old and barely restored Victorian hydraulic power station close to the Thames in Wapping, with tables scattered between old machinery and a majestic ceiling towering above. A multitude of candles distributed throughout the restaurant bath the space into a warm light while art books and magazine remind you that the main theme here is art...

  15. Published : Saturday, 11th August 2012

    10 Greek Street | 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

    I have to apologise for my lazy blogging at the moment – the summer effect, changing jobs and a lot of things going on in my life.  I have however been eating, so will update you on recent restaurant experiences in a series of shorter posts.  In the end all you, dear readers, want to know is whether the restaurant is worth going to, right?...

  16. Published : Saturday, 28th July 2012

    Tonkotsu | TONKOTSU (Soho)

    Japanese noodles have finally arrived in London.  Apart from the established and highly praised Koya which opened a couple of years ago and serves home-made udon (their walnut miso udon has made it on the top 100 dishes in London list) , two new ramen bars were launched in the last few months.  There is Ittenbari in Brewer Street, which was brought to London by the Japanese owner of a ramen bar in Osaka, and now also Tonkotsu...

  17. Published : Wednesday, 18th July 2012

    The Admiral Codrington | ADMIRAL CODRINGTON (Chelsea)

    If you are only somewhat involved in the London food scene, you can’t help but hear about the exceptional burgers at Admiral Codrington, a gastro pub located in a small side street in the middle of Chelsea.  Intrigued, I went there last weekend for Sunday lunch and I can report back that the rumours are true: This is a gastro pub to watch out for, and not only the burgers make it well worth a visit...

  18. Published : Saturday, 14th July 2012

    Imli Street | IMLI (Soho)

    I am rarely doing invited restaurant reviews any more.  In some way, it makes me feel guilty when I get a free meal and I have to give a devastating review.  Unfortunately there is no way I could have written a positive or even moderate review about Imli, an Indian tapas restaurant in the middle of Soho...

  19. Published : Tuesday, 26th June 2012

    Mari Vanna | MARI VANNA (Knightsbridge)

    Mari Vanna, a Russian restaurant with subsidiaries in Moscow, St. Petersburg and New York, has recently opened a new outpost in – who would have guessed – the Little Russia of London, Knightsbridge.  I naturally assumed it would be an overpriced pretentious place for noveau-riche Russians (well, this might have been covered with Novikov) and was pleasantly surprised to read a variety of good reviews (The Skinny Bib, John Lancaster at the Guardian )...

  20. Published : Thursday, 24th May 2012

    Pizza East | PIZZA EAST (Shoreditch)

    The reason why I must be the last person with any kind of interest in food, who has never been to Pizza East before is that I usually don’t like pizza.  Out of the blue however I was overwhelmed by a sudden pizza craving and Pizza East seemed like an obvious choice.

  21. Published : Friday, 18th May 2012

    Briciole | BRICIOLE (Marylebone)

    When I heard about the opening of Briciole I knew I had to try it in my desperate and thus far not successful search for a decent and non pretentious neighbourhood Italian.

    Briciole is located in the non-fashionable part of Marylebone, close to Edgware Road tube station, and even with Sat Nav not very easy to find.  You enter in a small deli/wine bar area which opens into a rustic dining room. Initially we were rather unsure about Briciole.  The plates that were carried past us while we were waiting for our table to be cleared didn’t look all that appetising and we spend some time admiring the very tacky and obviously fake bricks that were covering one of the walls.

  22. Published : Monday, 14th May 2012

    Ceviche | CEVICHE (Soho)

    I love ceviche but no, I didn’t like Ceviche.  Ceviche, a recently opened Peruvian restaurant in Soho, is the new darling of the London foodie scene, equally loved by food bloggers and food critics.  Peruvian cuisine is predicted to be the new food trend of 2012 (as suggested in Huffington Post and The Telegraph) and apart from Ceviche, 2 more Peruvian restaurants are to open in London in the coming months.

  23. Published : Tuesday, 8th May 2012

    Cuisine De Bar by Poilane | POILANE (Chelsea)

    The decision to give a very positive review to the all day breakfast/ tartine/French boulangerie place Cuisine de Bar by Poilane just off busy King’s Road is largely based on the fact that I am absolutely in love with their Australian Tartine (?£8.5).  Ripe mashed avocado is generously layered onto a slice of deliciously fresh crisp artisan brown bread which has before been spread thinly with vegemite, the Australian version of marmite.  Together with the chilli flakes sprinkled on top, the result is an enticing mixture of salty and hot and creamy and I just absolutely love it.  I think it’s the best hangover food ever, as it gives you everything you need to recover from having had one glass too many.

  24. Bistro Bruno Loubet is a distinctly French restaurant located in stylish boutique hotel The Zetter in the middle of the Golden Restaurant Triangle that is Clerkenwell/Farringdon (within a short walking distance you also find the excellent restaurants The Modern Pantry, St. John’s Restaurant, Vinoteca, North Road, Fox and Anchor and St. Ali).  The dining room is bright and generous, the waiters as Gaelic as can be (ours looked and talked like taken straight out of a French movie actually) and the food is delicious.