21 August 2014

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All my favourite things

  1. Published : Monday, 19th May 2014

    Barbecoa | Barbecoa.

    It took me ages to try Barbecoa as it’s been open a while. I have no idea what took me so long, it’s just one of those places that I’ve always known I’ve wanted to try, but never really got round to it. Last week, I was in the area and decided to skip the rush hour commute and pop in for an early dinner. Barbecoa was founded by Jamie Oliver and focuses predominantly on meat/steak dishes. It has it’s own in house butchers (open to the public too) and they handpick some of the best meat in Britain, and dry age it for up to 70 days. They do serve some fish and vegetable dishes for those that aren’t particular to meat and the cooking methods vary between texas pit smokers, tandoors, fire pits, robaba grills and wood fired ovens...

  2. Published : Monday, 14th April 2014

    Topolski Gallery & Bar | Topolski Bar & Restaurant.

    If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure for a big surprise…… Well, ok, not the woods – the southbank, and I at least was very pleasantly surprised this past weekend when I found Topolski Bar & Restaurant . Apparently I am very late on the bandwagon here as it’s has been open since last October. I have no idea how I missed it because I walk this route a lot, and I very rarely miss this kind of thing. The only plausible explanation I can think of is that I haven’t passed here in warmer weather, so maybe it hasn’t always looked so ‘al fresco-y’ – which is actually what caught my attention… It’s in the Hungerford Arches, between Waterloo station and the Southbank and occupies Feliks Topolski’s art bunker...