25 July 2014

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What do you think of diners smoking e-cigarettes in restaurants?


Blog Reviews from Being Blonde it is A Lifestyle - A lifestyle blog by Steph Harmon


  1. If you live in London and you havent heard about all the talk of this restaurant yet then clearly you have been hiding under some large rock. Becoming quite the celebrity haunt for A-listers alike and constantly featured in the Online Mail it’s not a wonder this former fire station took me just over 4 months to get a Saturday night booking. I just had to find out what the fuss was really all about……

  2. Published : Tuesday, 1st July 2014

    Milk | Brunching it at M1LK, Balham

    You always get a good feeling about a place that has the standard long queue of people waiting eagerly to get in there… almost wondering what all the fuss is about for having to stand around while your stomach is making those hideous grumbling sounds. No guesses as to how I was feeling. M1LK. Located in a fantastic little pocket of South West London, not too far from the ever cool Clapham and only a short train ride from Fulham Broadway, is certainly a trendy wee spot to hang out on a Sunday...

  3. This well-known steakhouse has always been the talk of my office and a place where everyone loves to take their clients out for dinner. I was somewhat jealous of all this chitta chatta and dying to see what all the fuss was really about. My dear friend from Oz was over for a visit and I needed to take her somewhere impressive so what better place than Hawksmoor for a nice bit of steak and wine...

  4. And then there were 6…… 6 London Society Club dinners to be precise. It was Friday night and I wasnt feeling to flash from an ongoing sickness that was lurking around. I was determined to make it this evening as Im not one for letting people down nor did I want to miss out on dining at this exclusive restaurant tucked away in Marylebone Lane...

  5. Published : Monday, 21st April 2014

    The Ship | Easter Sunday lunching at The Ship, Wandsworth

    With a slightly niggling hangover, I made my way over the bridge to The Ship for what seemed as a well deserved lunch on the long weekend. The popular pub over looking the river Thames, is known to be buzzing with crowds of people drinking on the street was unfortunately let down by the dismal weather that we all know too well. Never the less the restaurant and bar area inside managed to fill up in no time and the vibe of the place was relaxed and pleasant. I was impressed to see that the menu had been freshly printed for that day and pretty much everything on there seemed to grab my attention...