22 July 2014

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Blog Reviews from Chez Alessandra


  1. Peruvian food is one of my culinary passions and having had the pleasure to try world class, traditional ceviche at Sonia in Lima, the latest openings of Ceviche and Lima restaurants got me really excited. So my craving for Peruvian food found some good satisfaction with dinner at “Lima” in London. Lima: Pisco Sour Lima: Pisco Sour Virgilio Martinez and his team are dedicated to bring unique and organic produce from Peru, primarily the Andes and the Amazon to the plate. Sustainability is also one of their goals, so a lot of the ingredients are actually sourced in the UK...

  2. Trishna in London is an offspring of the famous Trishna in Mumbai and in 2008 Karam Sethi and Ravi Deulkar set foot to pamper Londoners with their exciting, fresh and fragrant take on South West Indian Coastal cuisine. We (or let’s be correct, the male part of the table) decided for the Koliwada Menu which consisted of the following 7 courses...

  3. Published : Tuesday, 21st August 2012

    Cafe Gourmand | Cafe Gourmand – A French cafe in Soho

    If you’re after a cosy little coffee and pastry place, then head to Soho to the French-owned Café Gourmand. You probably cannot get more Parisian in London than in this charming café with its vintage frontage, marble display and communal table (ok, a modern invention for the lonely urban crowd). I stopped by for an afternoon treat of Monmouth coffee and Pain aux Pommes. They do lunch too, think Roastbeef sandwiches or Coq au Vin, and hearty snacks all-day, think Tartine au Chevre or Provencal Tomato Farci. At nighttime the place turns into a bistro with a daily changing menu. Find it – love it...

  4. Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is a unique place – not only do they sell plants, dining & kitchen ware but it’s also home of a fabulous restaurant. All this is down in Surrey, south of London. Earlier on this year chef Skye Gyngell who brought the restaurant a Michelin star has quit her job and is now replaced with the Australian chef Greg Malouf. Anyhow we headed down to Richmond on the Jubilee Bank hol’ weekend and had a fabulous relaxed lunch...