31 July 2014

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What do you think of diners smoking e-cigarettes in restaurants?


Blog Reviews from @wilkes888 - London based Food & Drink-o-phile


Living each day as if it's his last...

  1. Dirty Bones appears to be yet another ‘Deep South’ American venue which has sprung up in London. However, unlike many of its brethren, this one isn’t located in deepest darkest ‘Hipster-ville’. Instead, it occupies a discrete little spot in amongst the estate agents and boutiques of Kensington. So can ‘Dirty Bones’ bring a love of everything smoked and meaty to the well heeled residents of West London? Hot Dog Counter by day... underground restaurant by night Hot Dog Counter by day… underground restaurant by night Dirty Bones is unashamedly targeting the trend for good’ol American food which has been sweeping across London for the past year or so...

  2. Barnyard London is the second restaurant by Ollie Dabbous. This venue is very different and a lot more informal than his first restaurant, the Michelin Star holding Dabbous. So what can you expect from this new venue, just a few minutes walk away from his first? I attended on their first pubic day to have a look. Barnyard - Look out for the big bright red cock... Barnyard – Look out for the big bright red cock… Dabbous has become known as one of London’s most difficult venues to book. Countless acquaintances complain that they can never get a table. However, Ollie Dabbous’ new venue, Barnyard, is only a stone’s throw away and, like many new venues it does NOT take bookings. So if you are turned away from Dabbous, it is worth coming to Barnyard instead?...

  3. Tommi’s Burger Joint follow up their immense success in Marylebone with a second site on the Kings Road. Can the Icelandic Burger men repeat their whopping popularity with the well heeled residents of Chelsea? Chef Siggi and the Kitchen team dialling in the equipment Chef Siggi and the Kitchen team dialling in the equipment Tommi’s Burger Joint opened it’s first UK branch just 18 months ago in Aug 2012. Unknown outside their native Iceland it was the first foray abroad for Tommi Tómasson’s burger shack...

  4. Taking over the former venue of Master & Servant in Hoxton Square, the team behind ’10 Greek Street’ open their second venue with an equally predicable name… ’8 Hoxton Square’. ’8 Hoxton Square’ is very similar to the design and cuisine of the successful ’10 Greek Street’. Admittedly I am a big fan of their first venue although I do concede to their (few) critics that the Soho venue can be a little cramped at peak times. Dessert Menu Dessert Menu For those of you who frequent 10 Greek Street you will know exactly what type of cuisine to expect...

  5. Plenty of Vietnamese restaurants can be found on Kingsland Road and north of Chinatown in Soho. In fact, the lower half of Kingsland Road is colloquelly known as the ‘Pho Mile’. Can new outpost, “Salvation In Noodles” (or ‘S.I.N.’) spread the love for Vietnamese noodle soup in Dalston?

  6. This is the 10th restaurant under the Jason Atherton group which follows the recent 2013 launches of ‘Social Eating House’ in Soho and ‘Little Social’, opposite his flagship Michelin Starred ‘Pollen Street Social’. The kitchen at Berners Tavern is headed by Phil Carmichael who has worked for Jason for over a decade at both ‘Pollen Street Social’ and ‘Little Social’.

  7. Tommi’s Burger Joint is back! This time in a bright, 30 seater venue on Marylebone High Street. If you’re tired of all the hype surrounding the recent launch of huge American burger chains in Covent Garden, it’s well worth checking this smaller Icelandic ‘no-nonsense’ burger outlet instead.

  8. If you like everything chicken related, this is the place for you. Whyte & Brown describe themselves as “a restaurant celebrating the delicious diversity of free-range Chicken and Eggs”. Proudly displaying their Free Range chicken credentials on their menu this looks very different from the other chicken-centric venues which have opened recently in London.

  9. Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar is a US themed diner and bar and the latest incarnation of the tex mex venue. Navajo Joe’s. So why has Joe suddenly got his green card and hopped across the border to the American South? More importantly, does it work?

  10. Bespoke Cantonese fine dining from the Hakkasan Group” is the claim from HKK, the second Hakkasan venture to open in The City this year. Does it deliver? Most definitely!

  11. A fried chicken shop in the middle of Brixton? Wishbone fried chicken is one hell of a stereotype! It opened to the public on Tuesday following a private launch party on Saturday.

  12. Butcher & Grill in Battersea are touting a 50% off steak offer on Mondays. This quote is from their website.

  13. The long anticipated Hot Dogs and Champagne-centric restaurant, Bubbledogs, opened their doors to the public this week! Can the odd-couple of hot dogs, (the icon of fast-food) and champagne (the epitome of fine dining) really work?

  14. A bar/restaurant posing as a detective agency in Earls Court? With bars springing up through wardrobes, phone boxes, and through Smeg Fridges, why not? But a trendy-secret-speakeasy-entrance does not a bar make! Thankfully, detectives Evans and Peel live up to the hype with knowlegable bartenders and great innovative drinks.