25 April 2014

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How to dine at London's swanky restaurants on a budget.

  1. Published : Wednesday, 11th December 2013

    Gymkhana | Gymkhana

    Freshly launched in the heart of Mayfair, Gymkhana created quite a stir with its opening. Gymkhana is Trishna owner Karam Sethi’s bigger and bolder venture. Evoking gymkhana clubs from the India’s colonial past the atmosphere in the dimly lit dining space is powered by authentic nostalgic additions from the era. Entering through what looks like a large wooden household front door diners will be transported in to an Anglo Indian sports club from the days of the British Raj. This is achieved through dark oak wooden panelling across the restaurant’s walls, sephia photos of maharajas, hunting trophies and wall lamps cut from glass straight from Jaipur...

  2. Published : Friday, 24th February 2012

    Samarqand | SamarQand

    A British rapper was filming his bling new video in the bar when we were dining there, giving an indication of the swank levels. Samarqand is therefore swank in a strange swish upmarket bar sort of style. Newly opened it prides itself on and heavily advertises the fact that it specialises in authentic Central Asian cuisine, including food from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as using influences of Russia, China and Mongolia food; really quite unique. However despite the promise of rare and ‘exotic new flavors’ the emphasis in the design seemed to be on the bar. Samarqand does have a very chic bar and cocktail lounge at the head of the restaurant. It serves a wide selection of innovative Eastern inspired cocktails and the clean cut, silver and glass décor of the whole restaurant gives the feel of a cocktail bar, with dining tables in it...

  3. Published : Tuesday, 3rd January 2012

    Yalla Yalla | Yalla Yalla

    Nestled in a small alley in Soho, Yalla Yalla with only 28 seats to offer, what looked like an unpromising venture stirred up a storm right from its opening in 2008. This restaurant has been reviewed and recommended by a host of varied high profile publications including the Tatler as well as the Financial Times, making it a swanky place to be...

  4. Published : Monday, 31st October 2011

    Indali Lounge | Indali Lounge

    Beyond swanky. This is evident from the moment you see the exterior. It stands on what is a rather bland Baker Street and Indali Lounge definately stands out from the crowd. Using purple and blue hues on the inside and out the design of this restaurant is amazing. As you walk through the entrance you are greeted by a waiter who will direct you to either the stylish bar, or the cosy eating area. Both sections are designed well producing the perfect combination of comfort and class. Despite this minimalist, chic styling, the restaurant doesn’t lose its Indian upbringing; single but striking ornaments save it from becoming a bland characterless space...

  5. Published : Sunday, 17th July 2011

    Benares | Benares

    Well it’s got a Michelin star and is associated with celebrity chef Atul Kochhar, need I say any more? Whilst there are some Michelin star restaurants which don’t actually give off the aura of owning the esteemed star, Benares defiantly does. It’s not over bearing but you can feel its glow. This goes to the extent that whenever you mention Benares most people have heard of it and are aware of its high swank ratings. The most impressive part of the restaurant has to be the bar area. Whilst the main restaurant is very minimalist making use of cooling white shades, the bar is vibrant, vivid and very endearing. The centre piece is a rather large canoe which is filled with lush exotic flowers bringing a South East Asian feel to the bar area. Guests are also greeted with a still water pool filled with pink water lilies as they ascend up to the dining area, the first time I’ve seen a water feature in a restaurant and I like it! This altogether creates a very calming atmosphere about the place. After having recently undergone a full refurb, the restaurant now also boasts a walk-in wine theatre and a chef’s table overlooking the kitchen area for an even more impressive dining venue...