20 August 2014

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  1. Published : Friday, 28th February 2014

    Morito | Morito - Exmouth Market, EC1

    Lovely lazy Sunday afternoons are made for tapas! I'd normally head over to Jose on Bermondsey Street but being especially lazy on this particular Sunday we just rolled down the hill to Exmouth Market. Morito is brightly decorated and has a buzzy atmosphere but is essentially a tiny space. Nothing more than a few tables squeezed in along a main bar. I love this sort of set up; you sit cheek by jowel and jostle for space overlooking the open kitchen slash bar. The wine list and cocktail menu seem perfect for afternoon boozing. The bicicleta is a favourite of mine and is well worth a punt. Lovely lovely campari mixed with nothing more than white wine...

  2. Published : Friday, 29th November 2013

    Five Guys Islington | Five Guys - Upper Street, N1

    Just what the actual fuck is all the fuss about? The Five Guys website is plastered with positive reviews; the menu has a selection of one-liners singing their praises. Taste is subjective I know but I just do not get it. What do you get after you wade through the hype?...

  3. Published : Friday, 22nd November 2013

    Peckham Bazaar | Peckham Bazaar - Consort Road, SE15

    One top tip for bloggers out there if you wan't to avoid writers block; never read a review of a restaurant by a much better writer before trying to write your own... Faye Maschler went to try Peckham Bazaar the day after us and ordered more or less identically. She put it much better than I could with some lovely words and I recommend you read dem words here. I will say though the food is fantastic; cooked outside over glowing coals the quality delivered was spot on...

  4. Published : Monday, 4th November 2013

    Smokehouse | Smokehouse - Canonbury Road, N1

    I'm in two minds about the Smokehouse; I really did enjoy my food but eating it was a bit of an ordeal. I love an open kitchen, probably more than most, but for the love of god do not sit a table next to the pass. I spent most of the short time we were sat down with sweat dripping down the right side of my head. On top of that was the vague sense of violation as waiting staff, their presence felt if not seen, hovered behind me...

  5. Published : Tuesday, 1st October 2013

    Dishoom Shoreditch | Dishoom - Boundary Street, E2

    This could have been an amazing meal and looks wise Dishoom is a pretty cool little venue in my books. Eating out on the veranda when the sun's out was a delight but the whole experience left me wanting sadly. The food was almost spot on but one or two things just made me think they could try a little harder. The idea of Cheesey naan and the house dhal was too good not to try. The naan was actually pretty special, light flaky bread filled with melted cheddar. The house dhal though was surprisingly bland and put together it just reminded me of baked beans on toast...