22 August 2014

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London's restaurants reviewed Restaurantes recomendados de Londres Restaurants recommandés à Londres Ristoranti consigliati a Londra

  1. he Fried Chicken Roll had the most amazing batter, herby and complex, it was KFC but leagues ahead. The patty melt was how I remember McDonalds used to taste when I was young and dumb, heavily seasoned and served on thin cut toast with packs of fennel and american cheese. I keep using junk food references as I’m too hopeless to think of anything else and this is junk food, just done so darn well...

  2. I’ve made two recent visits to Viet Grill it’s always been a favourite of mine. The service is almost always surly but on my most recent visit we scored a fantastic waiter, he was patient, always smiling and he even told us we should order more food, I love it when a waiter suggests this as i’m a greedy son of a bitch. Although we had a good waiter I feel Viet Grill is lately resting on its laurels, sure the food is still better than most places on Kingsland Road but the servings have shrunk and prices seem to have gone up...

  3. I have actually never had beef ribs, I’ve eaten about four hundred Wilbur’s worth of piggy ribs but never beef for some reason. Beef ribs are of course much larger and Duke’s serves you two large ribs in a portion. The ribs are glazed with a dark red sticky rub, it’s like toffee, more sweet than the bbq sauce you normally find on pork ribs. The meat was tender and sweet and still a little pink inside. The pork sliders are maybe the best I’ve had in London, the pork is piled high on a little glazed bun. The pork is rich, sweet, and smoky...