24 April 2014

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Blog Reviews from London Bar Scene


  1. Published : Wednesday, 29th August 2012

    Chicken Shop | The Chicken Shop, Kentish Town 15/20*

    A vague recollection that something was happening in Kentish Town took us out for the first official night of Chicken Shop, an offshoot of Soho House’s Pizza East and Dirty Burger out the back. We were not planning to stay, we came for the burgers, but at these prices we could not resist. Offered the choice of a table or counter by our enthusiastic American waiter we went for counter. (They should install bag hooks straight away). The restaurant is wood clad but it only feels like a Scandanavian sauna in the toilets, otherwise the look is rustic cook house, which I imagine is what they are going for. Leather diner chairs and metal marketing plaques round the walls give the 1950’s look and the wood on the ceilings and walls continues with large wooden cupboards along one wall and a counter that functions as both the bar and the chopping board for the chicken as well as a seating area. Cutlery (and tooth picks) come in white metal cups (think prison style) and sauces are “smoky” (aka hot) or hot!...

  2. Published : Monday, 30th April 2012

    Bunga Bunga | Bunga Bunga, Battersea: 18/20*

    Girls dressed like Gaddafi dancing on the bar on a Friday night. Then girls dressed in corsets dancing round the bar. I'm not sure why this surprised me in a place called Bunga Bunga. Perhaps its because on past visits the tables and chairs were removed at a certain time of night specifically to discourage table dancing...by the customers. Eurovision Room So that gives you an idea of my past visits, mainly post dinner party alcohol fuelled trips upstairs to the "Eurovision" room to dance like the almost 30 year olds that we are; and we love it, especially as the kids have not yet ventured in. The crowd is rather post work suits but up for a laugh...