21 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from The Hungry Beard


Spanish guy based in London. Graphic design is my job, food is one of my big passions, and finding great places to eat is what I enjoy the most. This is my personal view of some of the hottest food spots in the city. Follow me in this journey! www.jorgevalle.net

  1. Published : Sunday, 4th May 2014

    Boqueria | Boquería

    Being from Spain, I find really hard to value Spanish food out of my country because, as it usually happens, it’s very easy to feel disappointed. In fact, in my effort to show some of my friends the great things of our cuisine, I have been very picky selecting a proper restaurant where we could have those Spanish flavours I was looking for. Thankfully, Boquería was a great success. We decided, and I don’t think that’s a surprise for anyone, to order several tapas to share. The Chorizo with cider transported me straight back to my grandma’s kitchen, and just for that reason it has to be my favourite plate. Actually, every meat we tried was excellent, especially the Iberian Pork and the Beef with foie and Pedro Ximenez wine, probably the highlight of the night...

  2. Published : Tuesday, 18th February 2014

    Ceviche | Ceviche

    Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s much more than ceviche in this fantastic Peruvian restaurant in Frith St. The menu is composed by several dishes to share, from classic Peruvian recipes to more experimental efforts. The portions are supposed to be small but some of them were bigger than I expected. In fact, they suggested 3 or 4 plates per person and we ended up ordering more food than we could possibly eat. The good news is that we could try a lot of the extraordinary options from their menu. The ceviches were, without a doubt, my favourite part, especially the Sakura, which was refreshing and incredibly tasty. But there were a lot of amazing things on the menu, like the incredible lomo saltado (beef filet), the gorgeous corn savoury cake or the causa (salmon tartar with spicy mash potato), just to name a few. Everything was eclectic, surprising and incredibly rich!...

  3. Published : Saturday, 4th May 2013

    Polpo Covent Garden | Polpo

    As you can imagine, I know Mediterranean food very well, and I like the philosophy of small, simple and tasty dishes that this Venetian bàcaro in Covent Garden offers. Everything looks fantastic: the place, the menu, the atmosphere… but although everything was good, I have to be honest, it didn’t blow me away. And it’s not just that I was expecting something more, it’s that I found some of the food a bit irregular. We ordered several small dishes to share, as they suggested. Just to name a few, the pesto and goat cheese bread and the salami calzone were excellent, as well as the light and tender gnocchis...