21 April 2014

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Blog Reviews from Whistle and Bango


Whistle & Bango's official blog, reporting on everything that contributes to their love for London

  1. Published : Monday, 14th April 2014

    Koya Bar | W1, Koya Bar – Breakfast

    The petite Koya Bar has stuck a big udon finger up to the mainstream London breakfast offering with it’s hard-core, no nonsense Japanese menu. As long as you are in London, you will not find a remotely similar breakfast to the menu served at Koya, it wouldn’t be an millimeter out of place in the heart of Tokyo. My breakfast here was certainly a unique experience! Seating only 25, it’s an intimate space. Everyone has a view of the ferociously efficient kitchen, where dishes are made fresh from scratch. It’s fascinating watching the chef’s at work...

  2. Published : Wednesday, 5th March 2014

    La Famiglia | SW10, La Famiglia – Dinner

    I truly believe La Famiglia is the hidden gem of Chelsea restaurants. Having heard mutterings of its greatness from my family, expectations were high. It’s in a strange location – that no-man’s land area between Beautfort House and Embargoes (close to World’s End, so get a cab for goodness sake...

  3. Published : Thursday, 27th February 2014

    Five Guys | W2, Five Guys BURGER and FRIES

    U.S. born Five Guys is all about straight up fast food, and people are going NUTS for it. The process: 1. Queue, queue, QUEUE! How the Americans love the hype of a queue 2. Peruse the menu. 3. Freak out 4. Order...

  4. Published : Tuesday, 4th February 2014

    Amico Bio Holborn | W1, AMICO BIO, Lunch

    I watched a horrendous documentary about the meat industry and for 3 whole days I turned vegan – have you ever done that? It would have lasted longer but chocolate came along, and cake, and silky delicious lattes. I should try harder I know. During this recent vegan episode I met with a veggie friend (no-one else would come with me – vegetable discriminators!) and headed to Amico Bio, the Italian Vegetarian Organic Restaurant in Holborn. Aside from the staff the restaurant was 100% empty, which you’d think might put us off but we endorsed it. We wondered about, chatted with Antonio (charmer), and just generally made ourselves very comfortable indeed...

  5. Published : Tuesday, 28th January 2014

    Burger and Lobster Mayfair | W1, BURGER AND LOBSTER – Dinner

    For those who haven’t yet heard about Burger & Lobster (you have been living on another planet) – it’s a no booking set up where you choose either a beef burger or a whole steamed lobster. That’s the entire menu. Or if you want to be peculiar there’s a lobster roll in a brioche bun...

  6. Published : Thursday, 23rd January 2014

    Granger & Co | W11, Granger & Co.

    I have gleefully upgraded my hero brunch venue from Breakfast Club (i’m fickle, SHOOT me) to Aussie chef Bill Granger’s ‘Granger & Co’, W11. Just look at the address – 175 Westbourne Grove. It takes a seriously slick establishment to survive on this uber classy area and Granger & Co is flourishing, and making it look effortless.