23 July 2014

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  1. My good friend A wanted to check Big Easy's sophomore restaurant in Covent Garden for her post-birthday tete-a-tete. Quite apt, because I honestly think everyone should have steak or lobsters for their birthday. There was so much buzz about the new opening so we tried to book a week in advance only to find out they were full. Walk-in status it is then. We arrived at 6.30 and the hostess told us we would be seated at 8.15pm the latest (they had to turn people away as the wait list was so long). I was ready to walk across the road for some sushi and yakitori but A really wanted to eat there, so despite the massive protest from my hangry belly I cheerfully said "That's fine! We'll wait by the bar!" (God knows I needed a stiff one.)...

  2. I haven't had afternoon tea since attending a baby shower at The Delaunay so I figured it was time to call in the girls for some scones and cake. I wanted to try something a bit different from the traditional English afternoon tea service so I booked a table in Cafecito at Asia de Cuba. Service is broken down in two separate servings of the savoury bits and the sweet bits, unlike the traditional service where you get all your sarnies and confectionery in a tiered cake stand. We get two types of tea that would compliment each set, as well as an aperitif and a 'finishing' shot...

  3. One of the places we frequent here is Suda, a restaurant specialising in contemporary interpretations of regional Thai dishes. They also have a good beverage selection of Thai coffee/tea and Thai-inspired cocktails. On rare occasions when the sun is out and the weather is cooperative, I ask for a table outside. It's a pretty view of the courtyard: neighbouring restaurants offer al fresco dining as well and it's nice to feel a bit of a buzz from such polite punters. Foot traffic here is slow and steady so you don't feel like you're in the West End at all...