23 July 2014

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London restaurant reviews

  1. Published : Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

    Kurobuta Chelsea | Kurobuta : Cool Chelsea Pop-Up

    My first experience at a pop-up; I felt I had definitely earned some foodie points! Apart from my micro-accomplishment, I fell in love with the idea of dining here when I saw some brilliant photos taken by the Londoner. Those pork buns looked glorious and I had to try them! I headed to Kings Road (where I rarely visit) with Ms Tee. I have nothing against Chelsea, it's just that the place is not exactly littered with amazing restaurants which I find quite ironic given its supposed to be a posh area. I finally arrived at the place which took me ages to find due to its extremely inconspicuous presence; there wasn't even a logo giving a clue as to where they were. I must admit, it made me feel quite cool in a weird way like I was dining at some exclusive foodie joint...