21 August 2014

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  1. Published : Tuesday, 11th December 2012

    Café Rouge - Knightsbridge | cafe rouge, heathrow

    decent frenchish at london heathrow’s terminal four. gone are the days when I expect airport food to be mediocre – there are multiple decent chains in the london airport, and even singapore’s changi airport is turning itself out to be more like a mall that so happens to have some runways by the side. this was our last meal in london before we flew back to singapore, and thank goodness it was pretty good as we were in the middle of a great british airways fiasco...

  2. Published : Friday, 30th November 2012

    Addie's Thai Café | addie’s thai cafe, london

    really good thai food at earls court. addie’s is pretty well known despite the fact that it’s more of a local than a destination restaurant, but the offerings of fantastic thai food at reasonable prices in london are less abundant than you might think. I generally like going to busaba eathai, but with a small-ish (comparatively) menu as compared to addie’s, the flavours there can get a little monotonous after a couple visits – and addie’s is brilliant for punchy thai meals...

  3. Published : Wednesday, 28th November 2012

    Zizzi Hampton Court | zizzi ristorante, hampton court

    surprisingly great italian near the hampton court palace. so I’ve been to zizzi’s before, about two years into my stay in london, and I did not have a great time. the food was mediocre, service was hectic, the place was cramped – this was at the earls court outlet – and I left never wanting to come back. and I didn’t, until now, and it was great...

  4. Published : Monday, 26th November 2012

    Balans Kensington | balans, london

    great simple brunch place along high street kensington. I used to live not ten minutes from this place, and always wondered what the food was like – I think I didn’t expect it to be impressive seeing as how this was a pretty generic chain (though really my liking for food at ASK and byron really should have advised me better). but this place was fantastic, and really just the thing for a mid-morning brunch with the family. it isn’t spectacular, but it is pretty good, and wholly able to satisfy the craving for some hearty food in the morning...

  5. Published : Thursday, 22nd November 2012

    Geales | geales, london

    best fish I’ve had in london – or at the least the best that I can recall, located near high street kensington. I am really excited about sharing this with you – it was such a fantastic meal with staggering portions, my family had a lark of a time (especially because we love fish and seafood) and I am still berating myself over the fact that I never visited once in the last four years – truly idiotic behaviour. I implore you to learn from my mistake and come have a great dinner here...

  6. such a fantastic meal we had at this tiny slip of a restaurant just around sloane square. this blog seems to play almost embarrassing tributes to the gordon ramsay establishments (such as my still-favourite meal at petrus) but I have had such a lovely time at both restaurants – I went with high expectations and came away satisfied, and you don’t often get to say that about many places. this was a celebration lunch for graduation, and also one of the first times I’ve brought my parents to a fine-dining restaurant, as such. we eat very well and rather widely, but my family has a dislike for fussy food – which usually refers to the over-decorated western establishments with more emphasis on aesthetics than substance – which was why even though I had been to this restaurant two years ago and had a fantastic time, I had more than a little trepidation on making reservations here...

  7. Published : Wednesday, 8th August 2012

    Odette's | odette’s, london

    great british in camden. this post marks the end of my current spate of london reviews as I have graduated from four years of brilliant university life and am returning to singapore to my family and for work. I will be back (and continuing reviewing!) but after this post most of mine will be of singapore restaurants, where I will be based. it feels right to me that I finish it with a british restaurant since I very much love this city I’ve been in for the last few years, and for all that people make fun of its culinary genius of lack of, there are a great number of fantastic british chefs around doing great work, just as in odette’s...

  8. Published : Sunday, 5th August 2012

    Made In Camden | made in camden, london

    interesting british-european in camden. I’ve put this post off for a very long time because logically evaluating the meal tells me that the food was good and quite interesting most of the time, but my instant response if you were to ask me how I felt about this restaurant is that I didn’t like it. the place is larger than I expected (though just to share the toilet is the public one that theatre-goers can use, and hence not very pleasant) and service is young and a little absent-minded in the sense that sometimes it seemed like we were forgotten. the restaurant operates in small-plates, and the menu is divided to meat, vegetable and dessert types...

  9. Published : Saturday, 4th August 2012

    Hummus Bros Soho | hummus bros, london

    Truly awesome hummus (and more) in soho. I haven’t enjoyed a meal more at this price point in london for a very long time – and I really regret not having come here earlier even though it’s been on my to-do for ages. the menu is small and simple, and suits the sort of walk-in-or-stay-for-a-while style of cafe they’ve set up at wardour street (land of the wonderful busaba eathai, princi, and more; also one of my favourite streets in london). service is friendly and fantastic – and very prompt. you basically have a choice of toppings over their specialty hummus, and you can get pitas alongside or salads...

  10. Published : Wednesday, 1st August 2012

    Pollen Street Social | pollen street social, london

    decent british fine dining near oxford circus. there was a lot of hype surrounding this restaurant when it first open, much like the burger & lobster, and of course I decided to wait until that died down a little before trying it. I rather enjoyed this meal, though I thought it was good rather than fantastic and I’m going to start sounding like a broken record player by saying I much prefer petrus. the restaurant is much larger than I expected it to be, comprising of one large main dining room furnished with a dessert bar, as well as a smaller, casual-er bar area where you enter. tables are spaced rather close together, such that you can eavesdrop on your neighbors’ conversations if you choose to, but not so much that you can’t squeeze your way out without disturbing someone else...

  11. Published : Tuesday, 31st July 2012

    Franco Manca Chiswick | franco manca, london

    amazing pizza down in chiswick. so I’m throwing my reviews into the lot all over the london blogosphere, and I’m in the crowd that really likes this place. good crust, interesting toppings, and a nice place to sit and have a chat from friends. there are limited options on the menu here, and with a group of 5 or 6, you’ll very easily try the entire menu if you get everything to share. I don’t distinctly remember what we had, but it was mostly good, with good crusts and tasty toppings. there also are two specials on the board, so be sure to ask if they don’t tell you...

  12. Published : Monday, 30th July 2012

    Zucca | zucca, london

    fantastically fresh italian food down in bermondsey, near london bridge. this is my second visit to zucca, three years after my first one and boy has it lived up to my memories and hence inflated expectations. I think of zucca as a very japanese italian restaurant, and I don’t mean that it is some sort of confusion. rather, much of japanese cooking is about retaining and enhancing the flavours of fantastic ingredients, and showcasing lots of traditional styles and methods at a very high standard, and this is what zucca does...

  13. Published : Saturday, 28th July 2012

    Burger and Lobster Soho | burger and lobster, london

    great diner in soho. so there was massive hype about this restaurant that opened in mayfair with only three dishes, all going for £20. I’m usually of the opinion that the fewer dishes a place has, the more likely they are to be good – so this was not a bad start. also there have been a gazillion reviews out there in the blogosphere about b&l, so I was pumped to get going when their new soho branch opened. the soho branch is located on dean street, an amazing foodie lane with vaunted new restaurants like cay tre and ducksoup and many more, so that’s a competitive place to have a restaurant – also a very smart move I fancy since overspills give each other business...

  14. Published : Friday, 27th July 2012

    Mishkin's | mishkins, london

    great little diner in covent garden. I have to say I came with mixed expectations, as I had a great experience at spuntino but not such a great one at da polpo, and there is such a mix of reviews online about mishkins that saying I was sceptical would have been an immense understatement. straight up, I have to say that this was a very good meal, well-executed as the diner it is meant to be, and the food was both tasty and quite special. not too expensive as well, though the portion sizes vary quite wildly (and rather illogically). I loved the kitschiness of the place, with its bar at the front and its warehousey-type feel, and its diner-style serve-yourself-cutlery and ketchup/mustard squeezy bottles...

  15. decent british. I have to say, I came to dinner on the heels of a meal at petrus, which I loved very much for its service and food. long story short, I would come to dinner for a meal where you want to show-off, but petrus if you want a good time. I will go into the dishes bit by bit, but what I felt was that if gordon ramsay runs the wallflowers of the fine dining scene, then heston is the gaudy debutante with the wet skirts. these descriptions are a result of my immersion into regency-themed books, which I love, and which I apologise for...

  16. decent brunch place at high street kensington. let me just start by saying that there is absolutely no decent place in london to get american-style stacked pancakes, where they come in a tall pile with syrup. it’s something I’ve been looking for for the last four years, but either they come in in tiny rounds or in the flat european style. this place isn’t too bad, and it’s tucked in the back next to whole foods which is american, but has no pancakes incidentally. kensington square kitchen is a sort of squashed quaint cafe on the ground floor and basement, and has the sort of rustic unpainted wooden tables you’d expect for kitsch...

  17. Published : Tuesday, 3rd July 2012

    Pétrus | petrus, london

    The best meal I’ve had in london to date. fantastic european food in a ramsay powerhouse, and my favourite of the four (maze, claridges, royal hospital road) that I’ve visited. I’m going to start this by saying that the ramsay restaurants are usually overlooked or looked down on for their prescription service and pour-soup-into-your-dish-at-table type of dramatics, and that it went through a super-hyped period and now seem to form the wallflowers of fine dining in london. I’ve been a supporter, because I’ve had great meals in them (except for claridges which I did not enjoy) and service is always friendly but never intrusive, unlike my experience at dinner by heston, which I’ll talk about in a bit...

  18. Published : Monday, 2nd July 2012

    Roti Chai Dining Room | roti chai, london

    decent indian in bond street. roti chai is a new restaurant very near to selfridges, and reminds me of busaba eathai in terms of decor and ambience. we made reservations for dinner on a weekday, but arrived very much earlier to an empty-ish restaurant and were seated downstairs in the main dining area. I believe the area above is a more casual, almost bistro-style format. service was highly attentive, and I might say almost too much. it was a little too overtly friendly and while I would rather that than the opposite, perhaps this is merely staff teething in the wake of a new opening...

  19. Published : Saturday, 23rd June 2012

    Busaba Eathai Bird Street | busaba eathai, london

    fantastic thai all over town. I’ve wanted to share this place with you guys for so long, and even though I’ve been here more than 10 times now, it’s so much a weeknight-treat sort of place that I’ve never had my camera with me. (well, so thank goodness for the iphone, and sorry for the artificial quality of the photos) I’ve had all the noodles on the menu, all the grilled dishes and the sides, most of the soup noodles, and my partner has basically worked his way through the rice dishes. I suppose what I am telling you is that I have never had a bad dish here, although the strangest one that I wouldn’t order again is the fruit salad – which was not to my taste though I wouldn’t say it was a bad dish...

  20. Published : Thursday, 14th June 2012

    Thai Square Exhibition Road | thai square, london

    average thai in south kensington. it’s my first time blogging with my phone – how do you like it? I try very hard to keep the photos on this blog high-quality and with good light that comes with a great camera – but I don’t always have it with me. at south kensington, there are only a few options we consider for dinner, mainly kulu kulu and thai square (and maybe comptoir libanais, though I prefer yalla yalla which is further away). of course there are options like the south kensington creperie and the requisite bad-chinese-food places – but I would rather go home and have cereal...

  21. Published : Thursday, 14th June 2012

    Atari-ya Swiss Cottage | atari-ya, london

    great japanese food at swiss cottage. this was my birthday dinner and I love love japanese food. there’s something so calming and clean about the tastes, and yet it covers the entire spectrum of flavours. I had actually planned to go to yashin this year as I’ve read great things about it – but then the most-planned things don’t always happen, and that’s not such a bad thing either. this isn’t my first time at atari-ya, and we fancied coming here was of greater value than going to yashin which would be technically perfect, but atari-ya is one of the famous importers of japanese high-grade fish in london and so why not just go to the source if you’re hankering after some great sushi/sashimi?

  22. Published : Tuesday, 12th June 2012

    Polpo Covent Garden | da polpo, london

    decent modern tapas in covent garden. I’ve finally made it to one of the vaunted tapas restaurants in soho – and only because now they take reservations on the weekends for lunch. I still don’t understand the no-booking policy with most restaurants – it makes planning to go out very difficult, especially in a group, and a group always spends more than a couple or a single diner would. also, how often do you go out as a couple and decide that it would be fun standing in line for half an hour or more for food?

  23. Published : Wednesday, 6th June 2012

    Tendido Cero | tendido cero, london

    average spanish in chelsea. I had come here for lunch because capote y toros was closed – I don’t understand this! not open for weekday lunches might be a good idea but it doesn’t make sense to me to close on weekend lunches, especially in a neighbourhood of chelsea. in any case, I’ve always wanted to visit either cambio de tercio or capote, and so I thought tendido cero might be a good idea. the food is largely averagely decent, and service a bit absent, though when the waitress came around, she was very friendly. most of the food was typical tapas, and most of it also highly doused in olive oil. I think that might be a plus point for some people, but it was a tad too oily for me...

  24. Published : Saturday, 24th March 2012

    Copita | copita, london

    andmorefood will travel for food Search for: a little bit more about Recent Posts ku dé ta, town crystal jade golden palace, town singapore night festival, take 2 amici authentic italian, holland village corn muffins, à la kenny rogers Categories china croatia france home iceland poland singapore uk usa copita, london copita (1)copita (2)copita (3)copita (4)copita (5)copita (6)copita (7)copita (8)copita (9)copita (10)copita (11)copita (12)copita (13)copita (14)copita (15)copita (16) good modern spanish in soho. let me start by saying, I have made it to copita! one of the group of trendy no-reservation restaurants in london popping up on food blogs and ‘what-to-do-in-london’ mailing lists. I really don’t rather appreciate no-reservation systems; if I have the right to plan for a meal out and call ahead of time, then everyone has that same right! it’s not inherently fairer to have it first-come-first-serve; I’ll heartily weild a sword against anyone who tries to argue that point...

  25. Published : Saturday, 17th March 2012

    Purnell's | purnell’s, birmingham

    good british near birmingham new street. purnell’s is apparently well-known for its chef – though I hadn’t really heard of him previously – and after reading a couple of mixed reviews I wasn’t quite sure about what we would be getting. we were directed into a cosy corner, which I was initially pleased with, until I realised that behind us was the exit by which the waiters and chefs and workmen took to get outside and so we had to contend with that throughout the meal. no matter though as I didn’t ask to move; our waiter was french and very polite and pleasant, even reminding us to eat while the dish was warm. I had been committing the mortal sin of food bloggers with photography...