1 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from Food, glorious food


Food, Glorious Food.Come and join me as I bake, cook and make savoury and sweet treats from my increasing cook book collection.

  1. Published : Thursday, 15th May 2014

    Bouzouki By Night | Bouzouki By Night, review.

    I have never tried authentic Greek food before, by that I mean Greek food cooked by a Greek person or a person of Greek heritage. I have only attempted to make two Greek dishes at home, Moussaka and Greek Chicken but never really tried anything else besides this, unless you count supermarkets Greek olives and feta cheese packs. There are a few Greek restaurants in the West Midlands but as I regularly visit Manchester and found Bouzouki By Night on my favourite discount website, Groupon, decided to embark on a culinary change and visit a restaurant that I would not usually visit. The deal £25 (50% off) for a 15 dish Greek mezze to share between 2 people is fantastic value for money and also includes a live band and evening entertainment. I would however, visit again at the non discounted price of £25 per person as the food was simply divine...

  2. Published : Sunday, 5th January 2014

    Café Rouge - Leicester | Cafe Rouge Leicester

    Cafe Rouge is a group of restaurants that offer a range of French cuisine at a reasonable price throughout the UK. Cafe Rouge has been around for at least 5 years , and some of my friends have encouraged me to visit this restaurant chain. I was a bit hesitant to visit Cafe Rouge as I had never tried French cuisine as I perceived this to be too rich, and I am firmly in love with Italian cuisine so would usually visit an Italian restaurant when dining out. Cafe Rouge in Leicester is located in the Highcross shopping centre, and is on a strip amongst other popular chain restaurants. Although you may read on the news that we have only just come out of a recession and some of us are struggiling you would never believe that if you visited here, it was jam packed, on a Tuesday!...

  3. Published : Thursday, 26th December 2013

    Jamie's Italian - Birmingham | Jamie

    Jamie's Italian, a restaurant chain named after the TV chef, Jamie Oliver, first opened his chain of Italian restaurants in 2008. Jamie Oliver's reason for opening a chain of Italian restaurants after stating that he wanted "to open a UK restaurant that reflected the passionate, humble and sociable attitude of Italians towards food". Opened in 2010, Jamie's Italian Birmingham, is still one of the trendiest places to dine out to in the West Midlands, and one of the more reasonable priced restaurants where a celebrity chef has attached his name to. Jamie's Italian is situated in the Bull Ring, the heart of Birmingham shopping centre and is situated in a prime location after a hard days shopping. Inside this restaurant there are two floors for diners and if you would like to recreate the dishes served here, a selection of cookbooks and other food items for sale. There is also a very impressive open area where you can observe the chefs preparing the dishes...

  4. Published : Thursday, 19th December 2013

    Grand Imperial | Grand Imperial London Review.

    I recently spent time in London which is not something that I do that often, due to a busy weekday schedule and my weekends being taken up with various other commitments. I have never had lobster Cantonese style before, as I usually eat lobster when I visit the Caribbean, due to lobster being very expensive within the UK. In my mind I remembered eating lobster in Jamaica where it was boiled with no additional sauce and the lobster meat was very tender and succulent. With my only experience of eating lobster being in the Caribbean I was surprised that the lobster was cooked in a mild ginger and spring onion sauce, which complimented the tender texture of the lobster meat: the ginger added a fiery kick to my taste buds which I could taste with every mouthful and the spring onion added a complimentary flavour. I chose a side dish of steamed rice and a braised glass noddle and vermicelli ( I paid for the second side dish separately) which helped not only to complete the meal but to also soak up the flavours, as the lobster was quite rich, and also because I love carbs...