31 July 2014

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Blog Reviews from The Cow Club Council


  1. Published : Tuesday, 19th November 2013

    Casa Malevo | Casa Malevo

    The feel of a local, warm and friendly restaurant is a pleasant surprise in the middle of London and the good food and superb value will likely see you return to Casa Malevo. Quite the occasion for the quorum. Chairman's birthday collides with King Kong's final outing as a permanent member of The Council (he will pursue Antipodean pleasures for a while, before hopefully, returning to once again review alongside Mao, Samson and Caesar). The venue has much to deliver if it is to match the occasion...

  2. Published : Monday, 18th November 2013

    Flat Iron | Flat Iron

    Atmospheric and inviting, Flat Iron offers superb steak (admittedly with limited choice) at incredible value - you could eat here twice over for less than one visit to other steakhouse... and we think you will be back! For this, our seventeenth outing, Kong briefly returns to the Council from the 'steak-poor' shores of Australia, and finds himself in a 1-month-old steakhouse with two front doors (everyone irresistibly tries the locked one first), two floors of benches, and only two cuts on the 'menu'. Flat Iron was wrought from the ashes of a Shoreditch pop up, when its owner stumbled upon a plot just off Regents Street...

  3. Published : Sunday, 17th November 2013

    Hawksmoor Spitalfields | Hawksmoor

    Hawksmoor must reside within 'top quartile'; and justifiably, legitimately, even rightly so. When reflecting upon this assessment, it becomes clear that Hawksmoor is an unusually focussed dining experience; which works very much in its favour for some of the categories on our roster, but cripples it for others. However, so focussed is this operation on it's core category that its comparative lack of intensity on the other elements becomes highly noticeable; the bread is simple and bland, the tables are basic and unsteady, the cutlery is utilitarian, the desserts seem an uncertain afterthought - although the Sweet Potato (served whole, and piping hot) is a boldly flavoursome offering who's character complements the main steak well...