29 July 2014

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Food makes the world go round... or at least mine

  1. Published : Saturday, 8th March 2014

    L'Autre Pied | Review: L’Autre Pied (Michelin-starred)

    I have yet to form a distinct opinion on Michelin stars. Sometimes they just seem to be a reason to hike up prices and serve small portions, and after a disappointing experience at Lima last year, I was a little skeptical about L’Autre Pied. But it was my cousin’s graduation dinner (the one who gave us the blood orange risotto), so along I went. After all, he did take me to the fantastic Arbutus last year, another Michelin star holder, so I was confident in his judgment. When we arrived at L’Autre Pied, there was nobody else in the restaurant, as it was only 6.15pm. As the evening continued though, all the tables filled up and we were surrounded by a soft murmur. Nonetheless, the atmosphere remained quiet and the simple décor created an air of non-pretentiousness, which I warmed to immediately...

  2. Published : Thursday, 23rd January 2014

    Mestizo | Review: Mestizo (SquareMeal / Nuffnang event)

    Last night, I was kindly invited by SquareMeal and Nuffnang UK to a food blogger evening at Mestizo to meet some fellow bloggers as well as to enjoy some tequila, mezcal and Mexican food. It was a lovely evening, although it did involve slightly more alcohol than most of us expected… I am a very fussy drinker and do not bode well with strong drinks, so my opinions differed from most of the people present, but here is an unadulterated account! The Mestizo staff made sure we were well catered for throughout the evening, and Tom Bartram from Specialty Brands gave us a very comprehensive introduction into the agave fruit, which is the base of both tequila and mezcal...

  3. Published : Sunday, 12th January 2014

    Augustine Kitchen | Review of Augustine Kitchen, Battersea

    Augustine Kitchen is located in Battersea, which I had never visited before, but really liked, particularly due to the gorgeous weather yesterday. My friend and I were treated like royalty, as the waitress gave us a table by the window, started us off with pink champagne (the key to my heart!) and then brought out Franck himself to explain just what he would be cooking. Let me talk you through the 5 courses, one by one, as they were presented. Try not to drool too much. The first course was lentil salad, with grapes, croutons and small pieces of cheese...