22 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from Chez Alessandra


  1. Published : Wednesday, 14th November 2012

    Hedone | Hedone – if you ever needed a reason to go to Chiswick

    Hedone on Chiswick High Street may not be the usual gourmet’s destination but Swedish chef Mikael Jonsson changed the game. So here I go in my heels on a stormy Friday evening, I remember it was raining cats and dogs, my umbrella was too weak, my hat blown away on the way but anyhow, the place is worth it. You certainly heard that Hedone was recently awarded its first Michelin star which is even more impressive given that Jonsson opened the place in 2011 only – chapeau. My visit was perhaps just a week before the news were out and in fact it was long overdue after a well eaten friend kept telling me about it how much beyond this world the food there is. I was told to expect plain, fuss-free simple food with a chef being obsessed with high quality ingredients...

  2. Published : Saturday, 21st July 2012

    Corner Room | The Corner Room: a Nuno Mendez pleasure

    While travelling and escaping the British weather with some U.S. East Coast heat madness, I realised that I was a bit negligent of the blog. To fill the time until I am back with loads of great news and stories from the current trip, I wanted to share my latest East London restaurant discovery: The Corner Room. The Corner Room in Bethnal Green was one of the best places I’ve been recently. It ticks all the boxes, creative, unpretentious in a way how excellent quality is served in a relaxed setting, cool dining room (and yes as the name suggests, the room is in the corner), easy service, daily menu with a handful of choices but each of it makes you think “I want it all”. Ok before I show you some of the mouth-watering dishes, here’s the friend who welcomes you before entering The Corner Room...