21 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from One Girl , One Lifestyle


A lifestyle blog, about recipes, restaurants, fashion, and other random life adventures.

  1. Published : Sunday, 24th November 2013

    Chickenliquor | One Girl, One Wishbone

    Wishbone sits in the heart of Brixton's private market, vying for that edgy factor along a street of restaurants all wanting to provide that 'cool' feel. The low key lighting, bar stool seating and hip hop music creates an atmosphere that is chilled for a simple menu. There is a choice of wings, thigh bites, burgers and sides. Unsure whether or not nacho cheese sauce on fried chicken would go, the Korean wings were ordered and the Thai thigh bites to continue the Asian flair...

  2. Published : Sunday, 27th October 2013

    Bea's of Bloomsbury | One Girl, One Duffin

    So, the latest craze has hit London - the muffin-donut mix. Following the success (?!?!) of the Cronut we have the Muffnut... Or the crowned name - the Duffin. Starbucks or was it Bea's of Bloomsbury introduced this delight (?!?!?!) to London. Theres a bit of an on-going debate as to who 'invented' this bizarre mix #duffingate. Essentially Donut batter mixed with buttermilk and nutmeg shaped and baked like a muffin with a raspberry jam filling...