28 July 2014

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  1. Published : Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

    The Blind Pig | BLIND PIG

    Positioned next to chef Jason Atherton’s Social Eating House, the Blind Pig is the upstairs ‘secret’ cocktail bar of the venue. If the name, the location and door of the bar do not spark your curiosity or raise an air of mystery about the venue, walking up the stairs you can read a quote on a brightly lit red sign, by Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem ‘The Eagle’, “He watches from his mountain walls, and like a thunderbolt he falls.’ By the time you enter the speakeasy, the team behind the Blind Pig ensure you are intrigued, and to think that they haven’t even offered you a drink. The interior fulfils the build up of expectations. The room felt private and the patrons looked proud to know of the location...

  2. Published : Monday, 18th November 2013

    Trullo | TRULLO

    Urban myth dictates that if you can’t fall asleep at night, you’re awake in someone else’s dreams; in my case it was the beef shin pappardelle from Trullo. When asked about favorite restaurants, or even worse, favorite dishes in London, I find it easier to discuss British foreign policy than giving a definite answer. My list is endless and the dishes that have charmed their way into my stomach are even more. After my Friday night visit at Trullo, there is finally an answer; beef shin pappardelle is the best dish I have ever paid for...

  3. Published : Monday, 11th November 2013

    Spuntino | SPUNTINO

    The air in Soho is different. It carries history and emotion, it emits a certain charm, it’s appealing, it’s sexy, and it makes you want to breathe everything in. Opening a bar or a restaurant in Soho is unlike any other area in London. The newcomer should celebrate Soho culture; it should smell, look and speak Soho. You are trying to invade the heart of London after all; it can either make you or brake you. Standing outside 61 Rupert Street, I looked around and breathed in the Friday night thrill. It took a few moments after walking into Spuntino to know I was in the right place for a true Soho experience. I was there to have some drinks with a friend that was visiting the city...

  4. Published : Monday, 4th November 2013

    Worship Street Whistling Shop | WORSHIP ST. WHISTLING SHOP

    And there I was, from the whistling sound of the kettle in my kitchen, standing outside the Worship Street Whistling Shop, in the backstreets of Old Street Station, showing up at the duel. Leaving the storm behind me I descended in a faintly lit space with a trancelike feel to it. Leather couches, exposed brick walls, old cupboards and vintage furniture flooded the room and attained a fairy-tale sense under the delicate lighting of the street lamp located in the centre of the room. It felt like a combination of a late afternoon walk in the streets of Paris with a drink at Harry’s Bar, Venice, Italy. The storm was now a thought of the past, displaced by the warmth of the interiors. After absorbing all that the bar had to throw at me, it was time for a drink...

  5. Published : Monday, 21st October 2013

    Flat Iron | FLAT IRON

    Londoners belong to a very special breed of customers. At the announcement of a new restaurant, they behave more like a jury in the trial of O.J. Simpson rather than the crowd at Woodstock. Their experience in spending money has made them a demanding crowd; they do not get excited, they scrutinize and inspect, they cross-reference and debate, before any conclusion can be reached. Flat Iron has been under surveillance for almost a year now, making its appearance as a pop-up in Redchurch Street before being granted by the London crowd, a permanent residence in Soho...

  6. Published : Monday, 14th October 2013

    Timberyard | TIMBERYARD

    Simple things done flawlessly London is famous for a lot of things but cafés are not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, you can find coffee of the highest quality in many parts of the capital but the café culture lacks identity and fan base. I visited many places the past year but none seem to tick all the boxes of a proper café. Some lost on the interior design that is supposed to create a relaxing, warm environment where one can doze off or even work, and others lost on menu variety and product quality. When I entered Timberyard on a Saturday morning, I knew I had found the package...

  7. Published : Monday, 7th October 2013

    Ducksoup | DUCKSOUP

    Simply delicious Sunday afternoon and after two flat tires on my way to West London, I decided that fate wanted me to stay central. I was hungry and the dilemma was obvious; go safe or go Apposite? With endless possibilities on my mind, I headed to a destination that has been on the Apposite radar for a long time, Ducksoup. This tiny restaurant is located in Soho, most probably the most challenging food scene in the country. With neighbours like Burger and Lobster, the Groucho Club and Quo Vadis, how do you tackle trendsetters, classy acts and British culinary ambassadors? By being yourself...

  8. Published : Monday, 30th September 2013

    Nightjar | NIGHTJAR

    A drink with Ernest Hemingway Speakeasy is defined as a place where alcoholic beverages are illegally sold, specifically during the period of prohibition in the United States. The drinks at Nightjar are not illegal but they are definitely from another time period. In fact the entire venue of this underground gem, is a mixture of ‘Once upon a time in America’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’. The setting is somewhat dreamlike; live jazz music that makes people dance in their seats, bartenders making potions behind what seems like a bar and some guy in the corner looking like Ernest Hemingway. Is this a bar in Old Street or are we on set in Los Angeles? I entered and sat really close to the band as they played ‘Almost blue’ by Chet Baker...