29 July 2014

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Blog Reviews from TWO LOVES LONDON


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  1. Published : Saturday, 19th April 2014

    Ben's Canteen Battersea | REVIEW: Ben's Canteen

    Last weekend my boyfriend Patrick & I decided to sample the delights of Ben's Canteen on St John's Hill, London. Advertised as the place on the hill, Ben's Canteen serves brunch, dinner & drinks 7 days a week. We opted for brunch having heard that it's seriously yummy. After 5pm they serve small plates & juicy burgers which from the website also look pretty epic. Ben's Canteen is just a short walk from Clapham Junction station. I went for good ol' Eggs Royale with a side of smashed avocado. Patrick went for the Big Ben which is your classic English breakfast. Sadly he started nomming before I could get a photo (tut)! We also got some skin on chips and enjoyed squirting ketchup on them with a novelty tomato sauce bottle...

  2. Published : Saturday, 30th November 2013

    Milk | Brunch at M1LK

    Last week I made a slightly hungover trip to M1LK in Balham with a couple of friends. I'd already been wowed by the breakfast menu back in the summer, after from Suzanne from i make it fashion suggested we try out the new addition to the Hildreth Street Market. I've been raving about the place & the vibrant original food ever since so this return visit was long overdue. The seating inside is quite limited, which combined with the amazing food & artisan coffee on offer can create pretty big queues, especially at busy weekend times...

  3. Published : Friday, 15th November 2013

    Le Pain Quotidien | Healthy Scones at Le Pain Quotidien

    You don't normally associate afternoon tea with being healthy. Pastries, cakes & sandwiches with white bread are the usual offerings you expect to find on the menu. However Le Pain Quotidien have turned this typically un-healthy treat on its head with some of their surprisingly clean snacks. A few days ago after a blustery outdoors workout I was craving a big mug of mint tea to warm up & headed to LPQ to re-fuel. My workout buddy was going for their spelt toast with homemade jam & whilst I wasn't planning on ordering any food I couldn't resist this gem when I saw it on the menu. ..

  4. Published : Monday, 12th August 2013

    Honest Burgers Brixton | Honest Burgers

    Last Saturday feeling pretty exhausted after a very early start at work, an evening out of the house unwinding with drinks & good food was much needed. Honest Burgers in Brixton Village has long been on my list of restaurants to visit. I've tried to go a few times before but have always been put off by the huge lunchtime queues. As it was still well before the evening rush I thought we might get lucky & squeeze in before the hordes of burger lovers descended...