25 April 2014

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The Best and the Worst Top Restaurants and Bars reviewed.

  1. Published : Saturday, 13th July 2013

    A. Wong | A Wong – Seriously Cool

    Dim Sum has alway seemed to me to be more suited to cold wintery weather, lots of stodgy dumplings etc. My experience with it has been limited to really conventional venues like the New World in Chinatown – not that there is anything really wrong with the New World, which has it’s own old world charm. I also was very much of the view that you just don’t bother ordering dessert in a Chinese Restaurant unless you’re a fan of lychees. A Wong however blew my misconceptions out of the water...

  2. In our last review of Launceston Place a few years ago we raised the question – Why did this restaurant not have a Michelin Star? That is not a question we need to ask now, as Launceston Place got its well deserved Michelin Star in last years awards. We booked for Sunday Lunch, which is a pretty good deal at £29.50 for 3 courses along with those little extras that are typical of Michelin Star venues (the amuse-bouche and the appetizer)...

  3. Published : Saturday, 21st July 2012

    Chez Bruce | Chez Bruce – Mmm…mmm…mmm

    I made our reservation at Chez Bruce at fairly short notice, so our table was probably one of the worst ones in the room. However I was just glad to have a table as even at Monday lunch time Chez Bruce was close to full. Yet again they did not put a foot wrong on the service front or with the food. All through the meal we could hear ourselves continually making “mmm” noises, which says it all. The food is seriously good, well balanced complex dishes that look beautiful and taste wonderful...

  4. Published : Thursday, 23rd February 2012

    Bob Bob Ricard | Bob Bob Ricard – Fantasy Diner!

    To the uninitiated a visit to Bob Bob Ricard in Soho is a bit like walking into one of those Carlsberg adverts, you know the ones about the Flat, the Hotel and the Bank. Well BBR is a Diner and if Carlsberg did Diners this would be it...

  5. Published : Saturday, 31st December 2011

    The Ritz Restaurant | The Ritz – getting past The Glitz

    As a birthday gift I was treated to lunch at The Ritz by the other half of No Expert. We had some concerns as you do, when visiting somewhere so prestigious and potentially wallet busting. High profile venues like The Ritz all too often live off past glories. Fortunately this was not the case here, although there was no getting past the cost factor. The wine was very expensive. Don’t expect to find bottles at the £30 mark, the lowest price is around £50, but give it its due, the bottle of Marlborough Pinor Noir we ordered was delightful. We very sensibly chose on this occasion to go for the set lunch which consisted of three courses for £45, rather than go a la carte, where you could pay the same price for a single course!...

  6. Published : Saturday, 31st December 2011

    The Modern Pantry | The Modern Pantry – food fusion

    After recently dining at The Providores I was keen to try The Modern Pantry where Peter Gordons former protégée Anna Hanson MBE (2011 honors list) produces some very interesting food. The Modern Pantry is located in St Johns Square, right next door to the delightfully cosy Zetter Townhouse which was ideal for our post lunch cocktails. We entered The Modern Pantry via the side door, through the informal cafe and were escorted upstairs to the modern quirky dining rooms, with their designer lampshades and wooden floors which in conjunction with our wobbly table introduced a strange bouncy effect when any one walked by...

  7. Located in the basement of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge is Daniel Boulud’s London outpost Bar Boulud. I had lunch there just after it opened – see post Bar Boulud – Busy! Buzzy!Burgers! I enjoyed it on that visit and certainly thought about returning to try more from the Bistro inspired menu. It’s amazing to think that was over 18 months ago and I am only now returning, this time as part of a larger group. This visit was for lunch on a Saturday and we experienced a much less frantic environment than I remember. The ambience was actually very relaxing...