16 April 2014

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What do you think of diners smoking e-cigarettes in restaurants?


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By Nicola McSorley

  1. Published : Wednesday, 3rd July 2013

    Aqua Shard | Getting a head for heights at Aqua Shard

    Upon arrival I was whisked by a very cheerful chap in an express lift directly to the 32nd Floor. Aqua Shard is part of the Aqua Restaurant Group and is owned by successful restaurateur David Yeo and is sister to Aqua Kyoto, Aqua Neuva and Aqua Spirit on Regent Street and their other outposts in China On the 32nd Floor you will find Hutong London offspring of the critically acclaimed Group’s flagship Hutong Hong Kong. It opened last week and boasts the best of Northern Chinese cuisine the menu looks amazing and I cannot wait to return and try sometime From 32nd Floor you are led to a glass stairway that leads you to the 31st Floor which is where Aqua Shard is located. People this is as good as it gets when it comes to dramatic entrances, I felt like I was stepping into a sublime new world and escaping from the real one...