21 August 2014

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All things drinking and eating, although not necessarily in that order.

  1. Published : Sunday, 6th October 2013

    Grain Store | Grain Store, Kings Cross

    Bruno Loubet’s ‘veg-first’ concept had me from hello, and once the positive reviews started rolling in, Grain Store was successfully fighting off all new pretenders for the ‘to visit – top priority’ crown. I should perhaps have been unsurprised to find that the rest of London seemed to be equally enthusiastic to visit. Getting a table proved to be something of a challenge, mainly as I find booking weeks in advance to be peculiarly traumatic – waiting in any context is a challenge for me at the best of times, and when food is involved it becomes a special kind of slow, painful torture. Thankfully, late on a weekday evening last week the ring-fence of popularity opened just enough for us to sneak a table right at the back by the loos...

  2. Published : Friday, 20th September 2013

    RockFish Seafood & Chips | Rockfish and Beachhouse, Devon

    Mitch Tonk’s Rockfish, perched harbourside in the picturesque Dartmouth, was awarded the title of Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year in 2013, and so it was to Rockfish we headed when the Devon sea air stirred those primeval fish and chip cravings. This venue opened in 2010 with the tagline ‘tomorrow’s fish are still in the sea’, and indeed the menu highlights locally-caught seafood where possible, with cold water fish such as haddock and cod being sourced from sustainable Norwegian stocks. On the Saturday night we visited, Rockfish was bursting at the seams, the beach-hut decor enhancing the cosy family feeling that is the true essential accompaniment to comfort eating of fish and chips...

  3. Published : Thursday, 19th September 2013

    The George | The George, Belsize Park

    One of my ‘key life skills’ is being good at coming up with completely plausible (if not entirely true) excuses as to why I should eat out. To wit: I can’t be bothered to cook. Or: I broke the oven. Or: We’ve run out of (insert crucial ingredient here), and so have all the shops in a 5 mile radius. And last night: the Internet is broken, so we need to work from the pub. Also, it’s burger night at said pub. But that’s not the key reason we’re eating out, of course… The George, Belsize Park The George, Belsize Park The George in Belsize Park is the pub in question, a recently-remodelled, shiny and brightly lit haven from the Spirit Pub Company that stands tall at the summit of Haverstock Hill. We’ve imbibed in here a few times before, and despite the very ‘modern gastropub’ Farrow & Ball interior we enjoyed the comfy chairs, board games and craft beer heavy drinks menu. This was to be our first shot at testing the hearty-looking menu, with the range of Wednesday-special burgers providing an added drawcard...

  4. Published : Thursday, 19th September 2013

    Grillshack | First Impressions: Grillshack, Soho

    Grillshack is the latest addition to Richard Caring’s empire (he of the stable of brands that is Annabel’s, Soho House and Caprice), and press releases boast of an innovative ordering process that allows diners to pre-order and pay for meals online, at a touchscreen order station, or simply at the front counter. It is indeed a venue that aims to satisfy hunger pangs at all hours, with a breakfast menu that is served from 8 am until 11:30 am (from 10 am on Sundays), followed by an all-day array that then holds court until the closing time of 11 pm. The focus here is on ‘dude food‘ – the short list of offerings consists of a hamburger (£4.95), a rump steak (£9.95), half a chicken (£7.95) and the concessionary salad (£7.50)...

  5. Published : Thursday, 5th September 2013

    Prashad | Prashad

    I first learnt about Prashad through Kaushy Patel’s lovely recipe book of the same name. Being not terribly meaty in my culinary persuasions, I was rather taken by Prashad’s wholly vegetarian menu, which was chock-full of intriguing dishes I’d never previously encountered. Indeed, there wasn’t a korma to be seen anywhere, meaning I’d definitely have to branch out! The restaurant itself is located in the tiny village of Drighlington, to the south of the midpoint between Bradford and Leeds. Spread over two floors, we found it surprisingly full on the Tuesday evening we visited – a sure sign of a popular local spot. As we are wont to do, the Bazley clan and I had starved ourselves over the course of the day so we could hit the menu hard, and hit it hard we did indeed!...