19 April 2014

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Blog Reviews from For the Love of Burger: LDN


London Burgers

  1. Published : Tuesday, 15th April 2014

    Tommi's Burger Joint Chelsea | Tommi’s Burger Joint

    Ever since October 19 2013, when I read the Notice of Application for a New Premises Licence by Tommi’s Burger Joint taped on the window of a closed down pizzeria on Kings Road, I have been pining, like a child does for Christmas Day, for Tommi’s to open. It does sound surprising that someone with a burger blog never ventured to Marylebone to experience the Icelandic entrepreneur, Tomas Tómasson’s triumph into London’s burger world, but what can I say? I’m full of surprise...

  2. Published : Monday, 14th April 2014

    The Riding House Café | The Riding House Cafe

    I love The Riding House Café. I stumbled upon it accidentally once for brunch and was pleasantly blown away by their mimosas and fluffy pancakes. And it wasn’t just the breakie I liked, it was the general vibe and decor too. So I was excited to be invited back to try their dinner menu. First off, their cocktails rock. I had already downed two Tommy’s margaritas before I’d even looked at the menu...

  3. Published : Monday, 1st July 2013

    Dishoom | Dishoom

    Not the typical item I’d order from the Bombay Café, but I’m glad I did. Their Lamb Raan Bun served shredded lamb that had been braised overnight and harboured traditional, intense Indian flavours. The kick of the chillies was perfectly complimented by the coolness of the yoghurt dressing. It was served alongside a zangy cold slaw and stick thin chips. Whilst it’s not the traditional burger taste, it’s definitely one to try. Whatever your fancy, this Bombay café is definitely not one to be missed...