18 April 2014

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  1. Published : Monday, 31st March 2014


    I was so so torn over the menu - I wanted the pulled pork sandwich, the burger with blue cheese, the popcorn squid, buffalo wings, quesadilla, mac and cheese and a hot dog!! Unfortunately even I couldn't fit that all in, in one go!! We didn't have starters and instead just got more mains. Arabella my pasta piglet went for mac and cheese. They do a great kid's deal - £15 for a game of bowling, a main course, side, drink and then either a milkshake or pudding...

  2. Published : Tuesday, 25th March 2014


    Anyway sometimes it is good to try something new and so I decided to check out the falafel sandwich bar 'Just Falafel' that recently opened on the Fulham road. Falafel is something I adore but don't have often, I don't think it is as popular over here as it is in other countries. Apparently falafel is the most successful street food in the world and has been around for 4000 years....pret definitely can't stake such a claim!!! Just Falafel offers 8 different types of wraps, all are made to order and include 4 freshly cooked crispy falafels with different ingredients. For example the Greek includes olive tapenade, lettuce, tomato and tzatziki and the Mexican includes Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, jalapeños, chilli sauce, avocado and tomato salsa. You can also build your own wraps, have a big falafel in a bun burger style, falafels on their own, soups and salads...

  3. Published : Sunday, 23rd March 2014

    Tommi's Burger Joint Chelsea | TOMMI'S

    Tommi's Burger Joint is the brain child of Icelandic entrepreneur Tomas Tommasson (hence the name) and he already has 4 very successful branches - the only other one in the UK is in Marylebone. You wouldn't think it is Scandi though - it feels totally american with memorabilia from the States around the restaurant. The menu is tiny - a burger, cheeseburger, veggie burger or a steak burger, the only side is fries and you can add bacon. This works though as they do what they do and they do it well...

  4. Published : Thursday, 20th March 2014

    Poppy's Place | POPPY

    I think neighbourhood restaurants and cafes are really important in creating a village community. Of course I visit chains like Pizza Express or Wagamama and they are good in that you know what you are getting and are generally consistent, but they lack the charm of local places. Of course some of these can be terrible but thankfully that is not the case with Poppy's Place...

  5. Published : Tuesday, 11th March 2014

    Club Gascon | CLUB GASCON, THE CITY

    Pascal is finally back from France and to celebrate we went to supper with our gorgeous friends Jacci and Tony. Tony chose the restaurant Club Gascon - he had wanted to take Pascal there for ages - it was very adventurous for us as it is the other side of London in between the Barbican and Smithfield Market. According to the website, the restaurant specialises in imaginative cuisine from the South West of France and the chef Pascal (not my one) is from Toulouse. I had obviously checked out the menu online and looked at the photos on food spotting and was excited - everything looked so pretty! The menu was different (menu) - it is split into 5 different sections: La Route du Sel, Le Potager, Le Canard, L'Oceane and Les Paturages. This allows diners to enjoy as many different flavours as they wish. There is also a tasting menu...

  6. Published : Wednesday, 5th March 2014

    My Old Dutch - Chelsea | MY OLD DUTCH, CHELSEA

    My Old Dutch on the King's Road has been there since 1958 and serves both savoury and sweet pancakes, salads, traditional dutch starters and puddings (menu). I love the sound of all the savoury pancakes so was at a total loss of what to have. We were lucky to get a table as the restaurant was rammed even at 5pm! I expect that this is because it was pancake day - by the end of our meal there were people queueing down the street. Service was friendly and prompt, I had to ask the waitress to slow down as I had no idea what to choose. There are several starters (mainly dutch) like nachos (er Mexican), meatballs or even fried cheese parcels that sounded very interesting! There are many many pancakes - they have pancakes that are pizza - esque like a four cheese or a Hawaiian with ham, cheese and pineapple, they have other folded pancakes with fillings like chilli con carne or chicken curry and then they have create your own pancakes where you can add whatever toppings you like...

  7. Published : Sunday, 16th February 2014

    Brinkley's | BRINKLEY

    One of my favourite places to go for a girls' night out is Brinkley's on the Hollywood Road in Chelsea. Whenever I go I have so much fun that now my darling Pascal has banned me from going there without him as it always turns into a crazy crazy evening and last Friday night was no exception!! Brinkley's is one of 6 restaurants owned by Mr Brinkley - there are a few tables outside, then it has a fantastic buzzy bar at the front and the restaurant is at the back, half of which is under a glass conservatory...

  8. Published : Monday, 10th February 2014

    Feng Sushi Fulham | FENG SUSHI, FULHAM ROAD

    Feng Sushi has 8 sushi delivery branches across London serving delicious sushi rolls and Japanese food at good value and the ingredients are all incredibly fresh and MSC certified. You can eat inside their restaurant or they pretty much deliver all over London. The menu is varied - you can order starters such as edamame, soups and salads, maki rolls, hand rolls, nigiri, bento boxes and hot dishes such as tempura or katsu curry. The choice is immense...

  9. Published : Monday, 10th February 2014

    The Brown Cow | THE BROWN COW, FULHAM

    The Brown Cow is the sister pub to The Sand's End and it offers brunch, lunch, supper and incredible bar snacks as well as real ales, wines and drinks. Pascal could never understand why English people loved the pub so much however having frequented here regularly, he now understands! We often pop in on a Sunday for a bottle of wine and a scotch egg and sausage roll - Heaven! It is the perfect local, the staff are really easy going and friendly which contributes to a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere. Jamie and I were torn when trying to decide what to eat so we decided to tuck into a scotch egg while we chose...

  10. The Berkeley afternoon tea is a fashionista's heaven as all the cakes and treats are inspired by the themes and colours of the fashion world (I definitely learnt a thing or two)! We arrived at 2.30 and the place was heaving - this is obviously the "cool" place to be. It is served in The Caramel Room which is brightened up with colour popping menus and brightly coloured crockery. Service was extremely efficient and friendly - we ordered champagne and tea and the waitress immediately bought out a plate of sandwiches for everyone. She offered a more simpler selection for Arabella however she was happy with the more grown up ones (she can't be fussy as she is constantly my recipe guinea pig)! The sandwiches were egg mayonnaise in brioche, ham & mustard, smoked chicken mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cream cheese and cheese and chutney. All the breads were different and homemade and it tasted delicious!!...

  11. Published : Sunday, 12th January 2014

    Mishkin's | MISHKIN'S

    My first weekend back in London with Pascal and I knew exactly where I wanted to go….my favourite place….Covent Garden. I regretted it once I was on the tube though, it was so packed you could hardly breathe!! It was worth it when we were there, we looked at the shops and watched the street entertainers and then it was time to eat. Covent Garden is packed with so many good restaurants although I chose Mishkin's as I wanted to go for a very long time. I once went to the next door restaurant Opera Tavern and was massively disappointed but luckily not this time. Mishkin's is another eatery by Russell Norman (Polpo, Polpetto, Da Polpo & Spuntino) - I have been to Polpo and Spuntino & enjoyed the food although the interiors weren't really me….a bit too casual….(I am just not cool enough)!! The same has to be said for Mishkin's, exposed brick walls, checkered floor, paper napkins, small rickety tables & chairs (too close together)…on the plus side there are some nice red booths...

  12. Published : Wednesday, 27th November 2013

    Tendido Cuatro | TENDIDO CUATRO, NEW KING

    I love Spanish food and despite going to Spain every year of my life some of the best tapas I have every had are from this restaurant group. They have 3 restaurants on the Old Brompton road and then this one. I have to say we do go regularly - the food is fantastic and so is the service. They remember little details such as what is your favourite tipple and they always spoil us with the best tables in the restaurant and then a drink on the house at the end of the meal (they obviously know the way to my heart)! Since we started going to this restaurant 4 years ago, we have always just had tapas however some friends Nick and Kirstie recently introduced us to their delicious paella and so now we have both!!...

  13. Published : Friday, 25th October 2013


    I searched online for anywhere selling nachos nearby and came up with Hache Burger. Hache is a family run restaurant that was established in 2004 in North London, they then set up shop in Chelsea and have consequently opened another two venues in Shoreditch and Clapham in recent years. I had been here but years ago and so was quite happy to try it again. It is a very "cute" place as it has these gorgeous Japanese style fairy / flower blossom lights and there are plenty of mirrors, dark wood and low lighting that creates an ambiance. It almost feels romantic which is extremely rare for a burger joint! Plus it literally serves every burger you can think of from an All-Day-Breakfast burger with bacon, mushrooms and a fried egg to a Thai Fish burger which is a mix of cod and smoked mackerel with exotic Thai herbs and spices served with a sweet chilli sauce and topped with spring onions and shaved cucumber....now you don't get that in McDonald's. They also do the usual run of the mill cheese burgers and salads if you prefer to stick to what you know...

  14. Published : Tuesday, 24th September 2013


    As I have mentioned several several times I LOVE Gola. I have already done my review however I have a few more pictures to share after my brilliant birthday supper there 10 days ago (I have been a bit slow off the mark at putting them on – I did have a terrible hangover)!! I went with Pascal & 6 other friends and we managed to eat and drink like absolute pigs – champagne, wine, aperol spritz, grappa etc to drink and the list of food was endless...

  15. Published : Tuesday, 10th September 2013


    I had heard about the long queues to get a table however I diced with danger and turned up at 1pm - prime lunching time. Thankfully it was not too busy and we got a seat at the bar. The restaurant was much smaller than I expected - it is tiny in fact - around seven tables which mostly sit 4 and at a push 5 and then about 10 bar stools - not the most relaxing environment. It had a buzzy, lively atmosphere and the service was friendly and prompt. There are 13 different hot dogs to order ranging from a plain sausage in a bun to a hot dog with Caesar dressing, lettuce, parmesan & crispy chicken skin to one covered with cheddar cheese, apple, pickled onions and homemade piccalilli. For sides you can choose from sweet potato french fries, tater tots or coleslaw...

  16. Published : Thursday, 5th September 2013

    Gola | GOLA, FULHAM

    I love to eat out somewhere within walking distance of home and I have hit the jackpot by having Gola as my local Italian. It is safe to say we have become regulars and the food is so incredible we are wary about eating at any other Italians, as they never live up to Gola’s standard. Gola is a very cute restaurant on the Fulham Road with a real Italian feel, the door is always open and the owner and staff are always welcoming and friendly. If you come as a couple, with friends or with children, you will always have a warm reception – just make sure you book before as this place can be so busy in the evenings...

  17. Published : Wednesday, 14th August 2013


    I was most excited about Balthazar opening in Covent Garden and had been salivating over the menu as soon as it was posted online – there was so much on there I liked I figured one trip would never be enough. I booked to go with three girlfriends and was surprised to be able to reserve a table at quite short notice. Like in the States the restaurant had a very busy, lively atmosphere and we had to squeeze past packed tables to get to our seats...

  18. Published : Monday, 12th August 2013

    Oblix at The Shard | OBLIX AT THE SHARD

    I have wanted to go up the Shard since it first opened however my main priority is food so I decided to wait until the restaurants had opened. For me it was a no brainer as to which restaurant I wanted to go to - Oblix - as the guy behind it Rainer Becker is the founder of Zuma, Roka & the Shochu Lounge. Surprising the food isn't Japanese / Asian and instead is inspired by New York...

  19. Published : Friday, 9th August 2013


    Five Guys was originally set up by the Murrell family in 1986 and since then it has grown and grown to over 1000 branches with a further 1500 in development. They had a simple concept to serve only hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil. The menu offers burgers, cheese burgers, bacon cheese burgers and bacon burgers with either a single or double patty. There is a BLT sandwich, a vegetable sandwich or a grilled cheese. The fries are either served salted or cajun style. Apparently hot dogs will be added to the menu soon (I will obviously be back to try these)...

  20. Published : Thursday, 1st August 2013


    I have been waiting for the opening of Shake Shack for months and finally managed to drag my fiancé and daughter there today. Being French my fiancé is not into self-service and prefers restaurants with table clothes etc, so he wasn’t too pleased when we turned up at Shake Shack at 11.40am and already a lot of the tables were taken...

  21. Published : Saturday, 29th June 2013

    Medlar | MEDLAR

    Medlar is set up by two guys who used to work together at Chez Bruce and according to their website they aim to cook seasonal ingredients from the British Isles and Europe accurately and simply. The style is French based but takes inspiration from all over. It felt great to be going to a smart glamorous restaurant...